Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers and the legend – Andrew Shaw

21 Jan

I had a chance to see Andrew Shaw in person last night.  While he didn’t make the score sheet, he made a big impact on the game.  Taking a hit to draw a power play for his team, skating with energy so infectious the bench can’t help but get excited for their shift.  Very telling was how coach Quenneville  had him on the ice at critical times.  1:30 left in the game with Florida’s goalie Jose Theodore on the bench for an extra attacker and Q has that much faith in the 20 year old to be on the ice.  Huge for a guy playing in his 10th ever NHL game.

Nice to see Patrick Kane put in a goal, he shot that puck with confidence and didn’t look like a guy struggling to score goals.  That was a beauty.

Nice to see so many hawk fans brave the elements.  That stadium was close to full which was amazing considering we had about 7 inches of snow dump on us yesterday.  Rush hour was a disaster.  Patrick Kane lives about 15 minutes away from the United Center and it took him an hour and a half.  The Florida Panthers bus showed up at 6:45.  Generally opposing team buses show up around 5 or 5:30.  Way to go hawk fans!

One question, is there anyone better than Jonathon Toews?  I know some people will say Malkin has more points but there is way more to hockey then leading the league in scoring.  Just ask the Sedin sisters.


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