Hawks lose again, OVI and Thomas

25 Jan

That pretty much sums it up.  Hawks fall to the Predators for the 2nd game in a row.  Falling from first place in the Western conference to 6th!!!  Such is life in the Central division.  4 of the top 6 teams in the West are all in the Central.  At least we don’t have to worry about the Blue Jackets who should turn into sellers very soon.

Nashville played a perfect road game.  They stifled the life out of the Hawks offense and pounced on the 2 mistakes our defense made.  Thank you O’Donnell and Leddy.  Nashville is a good team and they were certainly the hungrier team last night.  They won all the little battles that don’t show up on the stat sheets.  Hats off to them.  I sure hope we don’t see them in the first round in the playoffs.

Our Rockford kids looked good again.  It’s the veterans that are letting down this team.

Goes to show how much we miss the leadership and offense provided by Toews and Sharp.  Let us hope that this is good timing with the All star break.  We will need them back for our first game after the break against the very HATED Vancouver Canucks.  Let us pray for a speedy recovery off the I.R. (injured reserve)

Alex Ovechkin was suspended by the NHL on Monday for a “launching head shot” on Zybnek Michalek of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Now “Ovi” is skipping the all star game this weekend by claiming that his heart is not in it and that he does not deserve to go since he is suspended.  Come on.  He is one of the most entertaining players in the game.  He is the most entertaining player in the snore fest that has become the all star game.  Remember his antics?

Don’t feel too bad for “Ovi” check out the house he just bought.  http://www.businessinsider.com/alex-ovechkin-house-2012-1#

Why is the NHL letting him off the hook.  Last year Lidstrom and Datsyuk got suspended 1 game for skipping the all star game.  Why does Alex not face the same discipline?

Random thought for the all star game.  Instead of playing this game that no one wants to go to or watch, why not make a mini iron man tournament?  5 teams of 4 players playing 5 minute periods.  No changes, no whistles, no penalties….just skate pass and shoot baby.  Why not?  What are your thoughts?

Tim Thomas skipped the White House visit for Stanley Cup winning teams.  He posted his reasons on his facebook account but for the most part he feels that government has gotten too big and too intrusive in peoples lives.  He may have a point.  I also fully support his right to protest in this manner.  That’s the great thing about this country, you can protest against the government and not be taken out and shot.  The problem is that this now becomes a distraction for his teammates.  You know the media is not going to just let this go.  They will want to talk about it.  That’s unfortunate and unfair but it is what it is.  I wonder if Timmy thought about that before making his decision.  What are your thoughts on it?



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