Hossa, Kane at the all star game and 9 game road trip

30 Jan

Patrick Kane and Marion Hossa each had a goal helping Team Chara to victory over Team Alfredsson Sunday afternoon at the all star game.  Hossa added 2 helpers along with his goal and created magic with Gaborik and Datsyuk.  That line is in unfair.  That line is unfair to all stars.  They looked like they have played together for 20 years.  Gaborik and Hossa have played together on the Slovakian team during international play before but didn’t look like this.  The more I see Datsyuk play the more I am amazed.

Patrick Kane had a goal which I’m hoping will help his confidence in regards to his low goal output this year.  He had a lot of time and space which he won’t get in regular season games.  Hopefully that goal, and his “Superman” during the all star skills competition, will get him going.  He only needs one good game to get on a hot streak.  We’ve seen him get on hot streaks before and now would be the perfect time.  Against the hated Canucks would be even more delicious.

9 game road trip

It’s back to business for the hawks on Tuesday embarking on a historic 9 game road trip.  The Blackhawks will be the 17th team in league history to take on such a lengthy trip.  The San Jose Sharks will make it 18 next month when they take on their own 9 game trip.  Grueling.

The hawks have taken a smart approach with this trip breaking it into 3 segments.  They will play Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton and then fly back home.  This gives the players a chance to go home, sleep in their own bed, see their families and recharge the batteries.

That first trio of games is worrisome.  It’s always nasty up in Canuck-land but the hawks are usually up for it.  Edmonton and Calgary have embarrassed the hawks this year.  You would think that the hawks would have been up for the Oilers the last time they came to the United Center but they were not.  The hawks, coming off a 9-2 drubbing which had Oiler fans chanting “we want 10”, couldn’t get the hawks up for a game at home.  Now they have to play them in their building.  A building they lost 9-2 at.  After that it’s the Calgary Flames and newly acquired Brendan Morrison’s chance to play his former team.

The 2nd segment will feature games against the Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks and Phoenix Coyotes.  Colorado was playing great hockey for a few weeks up until the all star break.  San Jose is always difficult with a goalie (Niemi) who would love nothing better than to send a message to the hawks.  Then there is Phoenix who have just owned the hawks this year.

The 3rd portion of the trip features games against the Nashville Predators, New York Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets.  Nashville beat us in a home and away before the break.  A rare Original Six match up against one of the better teams in the east and then the lowly Blue Jackets.

The hawks need to play at least .500 hockey during this trip.  Any lower and the hawks will drop too far in the ever tightening Western Conference standings.  We don’t want to see a repeat of last year where the hawks needed help just to grab the 8th seed.

Should be a fun final 32 games.



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