Hawks play 40 minutes and forget there is a 3rd period

24 Feb

The Hawks played great hockey for 40 minutes.  They held the Dallas Stars to only 10 shots after the first 2 periods.  Then they took their foot off the gas.  What happens when you do that in today’s NHL?  You lose!

We see good Marion – bad Marion.  Kind of like we used to see good Rex – bad Rex on the Bears.  Hossa scored our only goal and couldn’t clear the puck in the third which led to Dallas’ game tying goal.  After that, Dallas seized the momentum of the game and never let go.  They didn’t take their foot off the gas.  In fact they floored it!  In the last 10 minutes of the third they scored 3 goals.

“We can’t give up that play,” Joel Quenneville said of the Stars’ first score. “That’s a goal that can’t happen and they got some momentum off it. From there we weren’t very good.”

“Little mistake. I couldn’t clear the puck. They got a lucky tip,” -Marian Hossa on his failed third-period clearing attempt.

It was very obvious to anyone watching that it was coming.  Dallas simply outplayed the Hawks in the third.  Being shut out the first 50 minutes of the game didn’t deter them either.  They kept coming and coming.  The Hawks, for whatever reason, didn’t learn (or forgot) the lessons they learned during the 9 game losing streak.  No game is easy, never get outworked, keep a commitment to team defense and never let a team take the game away from you in your own barn in the last 10 minutes.  Especially when you have the lead!!!

This is the first game the Hawks have lost all season when leading after 2.  The Hawks were not called for a penalty the whole game either.  That’s the 4th time this season that has happened.

The Hawks were outhit 41 to 15 in the game. All but three Stars players were credited with at least one hit.  That’s pretty telling right there isn’t it?

Jonathon Toews status is still up in the air.  The rumor mill is saying that his “upper body injury” is a concussion.  Probably received on the 9 game road trip, specifically against the Sharks.  The Sharks sure roughed him up in that game.  It might explain why Johnny couldn’t see a stationary pole that holds up the train tracks above Lake Street.  Maybe that’s just Karma biting Johnny in the ass?  You’re taking a paycheck from the folks at Chevy.  Their whole marketing campaign on TV, radio and billboards around the city say “Drive what Toews drives”  So Johnny if you’re taking a paycheck from them to promote their cars then maybe you should drive a Chevy?  Yes Mercedes is a fancier car then a Chevy but so what?  You knew that when you made the deal.  I can’t imagine the Chevy guys like seeing the fact that you were driving the Benz instead of the car they are paying you to drive.  Plus I have to imagine a Chevy truck would not get so smashed up against a pole.  Also I have to think that a Chevy would be much cheaper to fix then an AMG Mercedes.  I know he makes the big bucks so money isn’t an issue but come on….who wants to spend big $$$ to fix their car?  Not you, not rich guys……nobody!!!

Next up for the Hawks…..the LA Kings with the reunited Carter and Richards on Saturday in Los Angeles.



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