Hawks finally score on power play – then lose the game

27 Feb

Patrick Kane scored a power play goal in the first period against the Anaheim Ducks yesterday to break the 0 for 39 streak they were on.

The Blackhawks came out with some fire in the first period.  They out shot the Ducks 9 -2 until just under 20 seconds in the period when the Ducks scored a controversial goal.

Cogliano tied it, but only after the referees immediately waved off his goal. Cogliano clearly kicked the puck toward the net with his right skate, but a lengthy video review at the league offices in Toronto revealed Cogliano poked the puck through Emery’s legs with his stick after Emery stopped the kick with his pads.

“I thought he kicked it and then maybe got a piece of it, or just kicked it straight in,” said Emery, who backstopped Anaheim into the playoffs late last season. “Either way, it shouldn’t count. I know they took a tougher look at it, and they must have had some evidence to the contrary. But you’ve got to work past those things.”

There was no video evidence that showed Cogliano hit the puck with his stick.  Toronto made the assumption.  That’s NOT how they are supposed to rule.  There is supposed to be conclusive video evidence.  How can they rule on an assumption with a game this late in the season?  The 2 points for this game are so huge at this time of year.  But…that’s not the reason the Hawks lost.

After that goal, things fell apart for the Blackhawks.  They could only muster 4 shots in the second period.  4 shots!  It took the Blackhawks 9 and 1/2 minutes to get their first shot of the third period.  You can’t expect to  win many hockey games playing like that.

The Blackhawks have lost 12 of 16 overall, yet still sit in sixth place in the West, nine points ahead of Anaheim.

“It seems like sometimes when we get the lead, we’re kind of satisfied with that,” said Kane, who scored the Blackhawks’ first power-play goal since Jan. 24. “But we definitely have to keep the pressure on and try to extend the lead. After the first, they pretty much dominated us in the second and third and got a lot more shots than we did.”

It was the first power play goal for Kane in 31 games.  That’s 2 months.

At least Kane did something.  Where was Hossa and Sharp?  The 2 previous games have seen some lazy play and poor decision-making by Hossa which has led directly to goals on the other team.  This guy has a reputation as being a complete player.   Where is this defensive play that we know he is so good at?

Sharp was not only a no-show but he had a poor game.  Especially late, like with 6 minutes left on a 4 on 4.  There were 2 terrible passes by Sharp.  He missed his targets by over 10 feet.  What the hell is that?  We know he can make great passes.

This team just gave up.  Where is the fight?  Where is the heart?

I’ll tell you where.  It’s spread across the league.  Andrew Ladd and Big Buff are in Winnipeg.  That team made Ladd their captain.  Why do you suppose they did that?  Big buff is an anchor for them.  That team just shot up to third place in the Eastern Conference.   Adam Burish is playing for the Dallas Stars.  A team that sure looks like they want in on the playoffs unlike the Hawks.  Even Ben Eager, who is skating with the Oilers, a team that has been a huge shop of horrors for the Hawks.

How about the god awful power play?  If only we could have some sort of quarterback on the power play.  A guy who could spring the wingers on the rush.  A guy who is second in the entire league in scoring by defenseman.  A guy named Brian Campbell who is playing for the Florida Panthers.  Oh yeah.  All the “expert” Blackhawk fans ran him out-of-town for being overpaid.  Still think he is over paid?  Do you?  I had many arguments with fans about the fact that yes he is paid more than we would like to see but we have NO ONE that can do what he does.  NO ONE!!!!!  All I heard back was how his contract was killing us.  Putting us in Salary Cap hell.  Yeah….it was all his fault.  Idiots.  How do you like the extra salary cap space we have now?

That brings us to the GM Stan Bowman.  Son of the legendary Scotty Bowman.  Today is the trade deadline but I’d be very surprised if the Hawks make a move of any significance.  Hawks owner Rocky Wirtz is channeling his father “dollar” Bill Wirtz and will not take on any salary.  He is preparing for the upcoming CBA showdown.

The Hawks had a GM that built a team and won the cup.  They fired that guy before the cup was won.  They fired him on a technicality over some qualifying offers for 3 restricted free agents.  The offers didn’t go out in the mail on time.  Isn’t that a job handled by the assistant GM?  Yes it is.  Who was the assistant GM at the time?  That’s right….Stan Bowman.  Promote that man to GM!!!

So Tallon gave the Hawks a cup and Stan Bowman gave us a team that barely squeaked into the playoffs last year and went out in the first round.  This years team might not even make the playoffs.  Frankly I am starting to hope they don’t.  Why…. so we can watch them go out in the first round?  I hope they don’t make it so we see some significant changes.  I’m not just talking players.

But I’m afraid that Stan isn’t going anywhere.  If you fire Stan then you lose Scotty Bowman and that’s not something Hawks brass wants.  They don’t want to lose that credibility.

In pro sports the GM doesn’t get fired, they fire the coach first.  Whether he deserves it or not.

So let’s have fun with the next 37 years without a cup.



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