Hawks basically choke in MN + Sharks – Kings

6 Apr

Rather uninspiring.  The Hawks were controlling the game and just let go of any momentum with a power play that strangled the life out of the Hawks.  Their own power play.

The First such let down was early in the game.  Dany Heatley, a huge piece of sh**, slashed Patrick Kane on the hand again.  Just like the last game.  That’s when things got out of control a few days ago at the United Center.  What did the Hawks do?  You would think they score a power play goal.  Just to send a message to Heatley and the Wild.  Did they do that?  NO!  They didn’t even get a good scoring chance.

They also had a 5 minute power play when Nate Prosser head butted Jamal Mayers.  Head butted him!!!!  Did they hawks bury their chances on this major to send a message that this sort of behavior is unacceptable?  No they did not.  In fact it was so dismal of a power play that it actually brought the Wild into the game.

OK, no big deal right?  The Hawks were still winning 1-0.  Nice goal by Jamal Mayers.

Maybe….just maybe the Hawks could finally get their first shut out of the season.  The Blackhawks are the only team in the league to not have a shut out.  So did they at least accomplish that?  NO!  With less than 4 minutes left in the game the Wild scored a power play goal.  Tie game.

OT and then the shoot out.  Kane, Sharp and Stalberg all failed.  Devin Setoguchi scored.  Game over, Wild win.  Again.  In the shoot out.  Come on guys.  Seriously?

What a sour taste left in your mouth after that.  A flat game, a flat effort and a disappointing result.  Nothing like going into the playoffs on a roll eh?

Who here thinks the Blackhawks can win 16 games in the post season with that kind of power play?  Sounds like crickets chirping in the background.

So a meaningless game tomorrow against the Red Wings.  The Hawks still do not know who they will play in the first round.  They do know that they will start on the road as the 6th seed.

In other NHL news:

I can’t believe Dallas and Colorado choked last night.  In games they had to win to keep their seasons alive they didn’t show up.  Colorado lost to the Blue Jackets……the Blue Jackets!!!!  At least Dallas lost to Nashville which is a Stanley Cup contender.

A real wild game last night in LA between the Kings and Sharks.  6-5 final score, a shoot out, lots of fights, lots of hits….it had a bit of everything.  Great game.  Plus, they play each other again tomorrow.  Can’t wait for the one.  It will be shown in the US on NHL network.  You’ll want to see this one.  But the real story of this game was near the end.

With about 2 minutes left Ryan Clowestood up at the San Jose bench and reached his stick over the boards and onto the ice.

Clowe deftly poked the puck away from Los Angeles’ onrushing Jarret Stoll, who understandably didn’t anticipate this development, then pulled his stick back. Stoll screamed, the Staples Center crowd erupted—but no officials noticed this graceful moment of apparently blatant cheating.

“I don’t remember that play,” Clowe said, smiling coyly.

Like I said….can’t wait for the rematch.



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