Rangers Take Game 7 and 3rd round predictions.

13 May

The NY Rangers have never lost a Game 7 at home in the history of the franchise.  Last night was no different.

The Capitals played them tough but in the end couldn’t generate enough offense.  You never would think that could be possible a couple of years ago with the offensive juggernaut that the Caps used to be.

The team that scored first in this series won every game.  The first goal was crucial and Brad Richards delivered.  He is a stud.  Brad is now 4-0 in his career in game 7’s.  He is showing why the Rangers showered him with money this past offseason.  He delivers on the big stage in crucial moments.  It doesn’t get much bigger than Broadway in game 7.  He scored on the first shot of the game.  Game over.

The Rangers have now gone to  7 games in both rounds.  No team has ever won the Stanley Cup when they’ve had 2 game 7’s in one playoff.  The thing is…..they are only half way there.

“To me, we’re still in the middle of the process of the New York Rangers trying to become one of the elite teams,” coach John Tortorella said. “For a young group of guys, it’s a tremendous experience. … This is where your legacy’s made, in the playoffs, and so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next couple weeks here as we go into another phase.”

The Rangers, Devils, Phoenix Coyotes and Los Angeles Kings.

“Four teams,” Richards said. “Everybody plays a solid, hard team game. We feel we have as good a chance as anybody.”

3rd Round

So here we go.  Game 1 in the West is tonight and game 1 in the East is tomorrow night.

Time for predictions.

This years playoffs have not been kind to TTS’ predictions.  But then again a lot of people have not been doing very well.

In the first round I got 50%, in round 2 I got 25% right.  If the Rangers lost last night I would have been at zero!

So here goes.  Based on the first two rounds don’t take my pics to Vegas but…..

I’m going to say in the West – Los Angeles in 6 games.

In the East – I’m going with the Rangers in 7 games.  This is a tough call.  I really think this series can go either way.  The Devils are playing great hockey and I want to pick them, but the Rangers have shown an ability to adapt to their opponent and their style of play.  Plus throw in home ice.

LA vs. NY in the Finals.



2 Responses to “Rangers Take Game 7 and 3rd round predictions.”

  1. kikilou 05/13/2012 at 4:24 pm #

    Good picks.
    I’m going with the Kings this series and will go as far as saying that they will be 2012 Stanley Cup winners. They have a lot of fight in them and there games have been fun to watch.
    NJ or NY – that’s a toss up. New Jersey in 7 games.

    LA vs NJ in the finals/

  2. Afra 05/21/2012 at 1:42 pm #

    LA vs. NY in the finals – how cool would that be though. Good on the Kings – they’ve shown how solid they’ve been. Well impressive. Certainly a great playoff this year, remarkably unpredictable and entertaining. Each series was great to watch; can’t wait for the Cup finals.

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