We Have A Series

22 May

We really do.  I predicted this series would go 7 games and nothing has happened to make me think otherwise.

These two teams don’t like each other.  These two cities don’t like each other.

The following video gives you a great feel for it.  Warning there is a movie preview at the beginning but you can skip it after 3 seconds.  It is a James Bond preview so not the worst thing in the world.  But in the video, at about the 1 minute mark, you see the hit Rupp makes (I’m not so sure it’s a penalty) and then the subsequent hit he makes on Brodeur.  Then you see all the players react and even better you see the two coaches yelling at each other.

As a player you want to see your coach emotionally engaged.  Especially when, as a player, your emotions are running on overdrive.

Great stuff.  I saw some of the players being interviewed after the game.  They all basically said the same thing but I think Ilya Kovalchuk said it best when he said “this is not chess, this is a mans game”.  You’re God Damn Right!  This is why we love it.  We don’t want to see anyone get hurt.  We don’t want to see the Raffi Torres Goonery, but we do want to see these guys pushing and shoving and jawing at each other.  That we like.  Not Torres.

Speaking of that series, Game 5 is tonight between the Coyotes and the Kings.  Let’s go Kings!

Great picture on yahoo, they show a LA broadcaster discussing how 3 LA teams are in the playoffs.  In the background they show the Lakers and Clippers logo’s along with a Sacramento Kings logo as the third team.  Hey Moron it’s the LA Kings that’s in the playoffs not the basketball team that plays in Sacramento.  How clueless are those idiots?  Newsflash LA, there is a professional hockey team that plays there and they are playing quite well.

During the last series I went to the LA Times, which has many many Pulitzer prizes, and they had nothing on the Kings sweeping the Blues.  I had to do a search in the newspaper to find anything.  Nothing on the main page and nothing on the main sports page.  Come on guys.

I know a couple of guys out in LA and they are huge hockey fans.  But they are the minority out there.  However I did read that prime seats for Kings games are going for twice as much as tickets for either basketball series.  How about that?

PS – sorry about the delay in posting, I had an out-of-town guest followed by a bachelor party which knocked me on my ass for a couple of days.  Apparently I’m now too old for a heroic intake of alcohol.  Sucks getting old.

Also WTF happened in the World Championships?  First Canada chokes and then USA says – Hey that looks like a pretty good idea let me try.  They choked with 8 seconds left!  Congrats to Russia on the win and to Slovakia as the runner-up.  Looks like at the Sochi Olympics USA and Canada will be in different pools.  If the NHL even participates in the olympics this go around.


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