That Was a Great Game.

24 May

Maybe not so much if you’re a Devils or especially if you’re a Rangers fan but it certainly was entertaining for the rest of us.

I never thought I would see NJ come out with a 3-0 lead.  I also thought we had some offsides on the Devils 2nd goal but that’s not how it was ruled.  The Rangers fought back, brilliantly.  They pretty much took over the momentum of the game from the end of the 1st to the beginning of the 3rd.  Once the Rangers tied it….they stopped making plays.  Then they allowed the Devils to get some forecheck going again.  Then the Devils scored that 4th goal and that was it.

The Rangers played great but the start of the game was too much to overcome.  However the Rangers seem to have a never say die attitude and you HAVE to think that the Blueshirts come out on fire in Game 6 tomorrow in Newark.  You Have to….right?  I have to think that King Henrik will put on a show.  But then again, these Devils almost seem to want it more.  They also seem to have more depth.  I can’t believe I’m writing this about the New Jersey Devils but they seem to have more offensive depth.  What planet am I living on?

I love the douche stache Carter.  Keep it going, keep it going strong.

said Lundqvist post game:

“It just hurts, the way it ends, a late goal there,” said goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, sitting in the New York Rangers’ dressing room Wednesday night after their devastating 5-3 loss to the New Jersey Devils. “We worked so hard to get back in this game. We did so many good things. So, uh …”

He took a deep breath.

“We just have to remember that for the next one, how many good things we actually did tonight, and hopefully we can get two straight here.”

That last goal wasn’t his fault.  But now the Rangers are facing elimination.  I still think this series goes 7 games.



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