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Justin Schultz- Trying to be the NHL’s Lebron James

28 Jun

Obviously this kid is just listening to his agents.  But agents are sleaze balls.  Not necessarily someone who is looking out for your best interests.

These agents are the same ones that represent Brad Richards.  Remember how they tried to create that whole made for tv- where will he sign event last July 1?  Well they are the same guys.

So they have talked this kid, who has NEVER played a game in the NHL, to screw the team that drafted him and be a free agent through a CBA loophole.

The Anaheim Ducks drafted this kid with a valuable 2nd round pick.  His agents discovered that if he quit school, the University of Wisconsin, he could become a free agent.

What do the Ducks get out of this?  A big F*** You!  That’s a shitty thing to do to them.  To a franchise that used a 2nd round pick on you.  What a way to repay them.

Now there are, allegedly, 26 teams vying for the services of this kid.  A kid who is a good college hockey player.  Not every good college hockey player can be effective in the NHL.

So now this kid and his agents are sitting in their Toronto office deciding who to go to.  Apparently they have already created a NO list.  Those teams allegedly are:

Calgary, Detroit, Philly, Columbus, and Dallas…

The teams that have made his list of teams that the ALMIGHTY Justin Schultz shall grace thy presence with are:

Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, and the NY Rangers…

The remaining teams in the NHL have yet to impress King Schultz and his handlers with their dog and pony show.

What a joke.  Is this where you want to see the NHL go?  Isn’t this kind of the thing that turns you off of the NBA?

Isn’t this why everyone, except for people in Miami, were all hoping that the Heat wouldn’t win?  Isn’t this why everyone doesn’t like Lebron James?

I thought hockey players were above this type of thing?  Aren’t they?  Or are we seeing a changing of the guard?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for this sport evolving but I just don’t want to see this sort of behavior attached to it.

What do you think?

The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I’d rather look at a picture of Erin Andrews instead.



There’s a-doings a-transpiring

27 Jun

well well well.  Look at all the things that have happened since our last post.

First up was the NHL draft.  Not too many surprises go as far as the actual draft picks themselves, we’ll see how those pan out in a few years.  The real news was the trades.  It’s time for brotherly love in the NHL.

Jordan Stall now joins big brother Eric with the Carolina Hurricanes.  That should be fun when the Hurricanes next play the Rangers since there is another Staal brother (Marc) playing defense over there.  The Canes gave up a lot for this trade.  Penguins fans are going to love Sutter.

Next came a reunion of the Shenn brothers in Philadelphia.  Philly made the trade because they wanted to shore up their defense.  It appears that Chris Pronger is still nowhere near ready to return.  If he does at all.

What is the deal in Philly if you sign a long term  deal.  Seems like as soon as you do, you are gone!

Mike Richards signs a long-term deal and then is shipped off to the Kings.  Jeff Carter too, same thing except he is traded to the Blue Jackets before being brought over to the Kings.  That sure worked out great for them.  But then JVR signs a 6 year deal and he is promptly shipped out-of-town.  How does that make Claude Giroux feel?

So Luke gets to play with his brother in Philly and James Van Reimsdyk had this to say:

“To go to a place like Toronto is unbelievably exciting for me,” van Riemsdyk said, citing the team’s tradition and fan base. “It’s basically like playing for the New York Yankees of the NHL.”

Except that the Yankees are always contenders and have many many championships to back it up.  For those of you still counting at home the Leafs have not won since 1967.

You know who must love this trade?  Don Cherry.  That’s right Don…there’s another American born player on your beloved leafs.  Since you believe your team can’t win with so many American players I guess you’re doomed to have another poor season this year.

Cheer up Don, it’s not so bad.

Next up the Hall of Fame inductees.

Yes it’s puzzling that Shanahan was left off.  He certainly deserves to be in there, however I don’t think you can really argue with the 4 that went in.

Sundin was a stud, the all time leading scorer for ANY original 6 team.  Think about that statement for a minute.  No cups for Mats but he did win the Gold medal in the olympics and was a 9 time all-star.

Pavel Bure was called the Russian Rocket for a reason.  It’s too bad his career was cut short due to those pesky knee injuries because that guy was a thrill to watch.  Total game changer.  He won the Calder for best rookie in 1992 and won the Maurice Richard trophy twice.

Joe Sakic.  What can you say about this guy.  Consummate pro and one of the best leaders the game has ever seen.  This guy is the definition of complete player. He won 2 Stanley Cups and was an all-star 13 times!

Then you have Adam Oates.  What a day for Oates.  In the morning he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.  That’s a pretty good day right there right?  But then moments later the Washington Capitals announce that he will be their new coach taking the reigns from Dale Hunter.  Wow!  Did he buy a lottery ticket yesterday too?  I remember Oates all too well.  He played in the same division as my beloved Blackhawks for a long time.  The St. Louis Blues featured him playing on a line with super sniper Brett Hull.  Son of Chicago’s favorite left wing….Bobby Hull the Golden Jet.  Adam Oates was a 5 time all-star and is 6th all time in the league for assists with 1079.  Nobody had vision like this guy.  Actually you know who reminds me a bit of Oates?  Patrick Kane.  He has vision like Adam and can pass like Adam.  What Kane doesn’t have is a sniper like Brett Hull to feed his beautiful passes to.


Doom and Gloom time.  Yeah Vegas recently put the odds of a lockout at 1 in 5.  I don’t buy it.  The players met in Chicago recently for 3 days of meetings to prepare for negotiations with the league.  Look at this quote from the Gestapo – Don Fehr.

“From our standpoint, the starting place is the players made enormous concessions the last time around,” union head Donald Fehr said. “The second item that comes to mind is the game generates a lot more revenue than it did before. And you put those two things together, it ought to point you in the direction as to where this negotiation should go.”

What does that tell you?  It tells me that the players aren’t budging and that this will get ugly.  You think Don gives a shit if there’s a work stoppage?  Did you see what he did with baseball?  I think that tells you all you need to know.  This will get ugly.  A damn shame too with all the progress hockey has made in the last 7 years.  Now this guy wants to flush it all down the toilet.  Negotiations are set for Friday.

The owners want to lower the percentage of revenue that the players get.  Right now it’s 57% goes to the players.  The NFL and NBA, two leagues that make way more money then hockey are more like 50-50 split.  Hockey players under Don Fehr believe a 50-50 split is unfair and unreasonable.

What can we expect?  More of the same.  Don has these idiots believing that getting 57 percent of all hockey revenue isn’t enough.  So they will sit tight, show solidarity with each other and hold out.  Then it’s a waiting game. A game of who caves first between 700 millionaires and 30 billionaires.  Who do think can hold out longer?  Yeah, just like last time.  My fear is that this lockout will last longer then the last one.  The players are sheep that have the wool over their eyes by puppet master Don.

The owners don’t want a lockout and they certainly don’t want to miss the Winter Classic between Detroit and Toronto at the big house.  Once the players force the owners to miss that game then it’s game on.  Let those greedy players sit for 10 fucking years.  Ok so that won’t happen but after the players force the owners to miss the Winter Classic the owners will happily let them sit until they don’t think 50% is unfair anymore.

I hope you like watching NCAA and AHL hockey.


I’m Brendan Shanahan of the National Department of Ass Kicking

21 Jun

Last night the NHL had it’s annual awards show in Las Vegas at the Wynn Casino.  The show went on as usual with a couple of changes.  The biggest being that there was no host.  The last couple of years they had Jay Mohr handling the host duties but this year it was a revolving cast of hosts and some pre-taped bits.  This format proved much more entertaining then the usual.

Will Arnett stole the show.  He had several pre-taped bits where he did a Brendan Shanahan impersonation.  He was dead on, not just with the clothes but with the mannerisms.  Take a look below at a few examples.

Also stealing the show was ESPN reporter Erin Andrews.

I knew she looked good when my girlfriend said “her dress it too short”.  My girlfriend never gets jealous so I knew Erin had something going on.  She was one of the better presenters, she even played off the weak material she had written for her.  Some others didn’t handle it as well such as Joshua Jackson and the first guy, whose name i can’t remember.  I’ll get back to you on that.

Congrats to Malkin on the Hart.  This is Malkin’s first Hart.  Malkin also collected the Art Ross Trophy as the league scoring champion and the Ted Lindsay Award from his fellow NHLPA members as the NHL’s best player.

Congrats to Brian Campbell for becoming the first defenseman since 1954 to win the Lady Bing.  He played in all 82 games but amassed only 6 penalty minutes!

Congrats to King Henrik on the Vezina.  Lundqvist’s win in his fourth Vezina nomination topped the impressive list of Swedish winners. Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson won the Norris Trophy as the NHL’s top defenseman, and Colorado’s Gabriel Landeskog won the Calder Trophy as the top rookie.

Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson also won the King Clancy Trophy for humanitarian contributions to hockey.

”For sure, it’s a great year for Sweden,” Lundqvist said.

St. Louis also had a pretty good day in Vegas: Ken Hitchcock won the Jack Adams Trophy as the NHL’s top coach for the first time in his lengthy career, while Blues general manager Doug Armstrong was selected the league’s top executive. Blues goalies Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott also picked up their Jennings Trophy for allowing the fewest goals in the regular season.

Boston forward Patrice Bergeron won his first Selke Trophy as the NHL’s top defensive forward.

Next up – the NHL draft on Friday.  There is usually lots of wheeling and dealing done on that day and we here at TTS will be paying close attention.  So until then hockey fans.


Hawks Offseason News

18 Jun

The Chicago Blackhawks have come to terms with forwards Brandon Bollig and Ben Smith on two-year contracts and goalie Carter Hutton on a one-year deal, the team announced on Monday. The Hawks also released goaltender Alexander Salak.

Bollig’s contract is a two-way deal for his first year and a one way for his second that will pay him $575,000 per season, according to a source. A one-way deal means a player is paid the same NHL salary whether he’s playing in the minors or the NHL.

No other terms for the contracts were released.

Interesting that the Hawks released Salak.  They got him in the trade with Florida for Jack Skille.  They also acquired Michael Frolik in that deal.  In the preseason of this last campaign some Hawks fans wanted the back up job to go to Salak over Ray Emery.  Salak looked good in the preseason and Emery started out cold.  Hawks brass chose to go with the experienced Emery and that turned out to be the wise move.  Big difference between preseason play and actual NHL games.

Salak ended up losing his starting job to Hutton in the AHL for the Hawks farm team the Rockford Icehogs.

Smith was all the rage in the year after the cup.  When the Hawks came back from 3 games down to force a game 7 against the hated Canucks, Ben Smith looked like the real deal.  We all thought he would be on the team last year but he barely played.  It seems the injuries, including a serious concussion, put Smith back a little bit in his development.

Bollig earned some fans this year.  He started getting ice time after the Hawks traded John Scott to the Rangers.  The guy will take on most anybody even if he is mismatched in size.  He’ll fight them with a smile on his face.  Gotta like that on your roster.  The Hawks traded off those kinds of players in the salary cup sell off in the summer after the cup win.

It looks like Patrick Sharp isn’t going anywhere.

Sharp, pictured with his dog Shooter, just bought a new house per the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp has paid $2.95 million for a newly constructed, six-bedroom mansion in the Southport Corridor of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

Sharp, 30, had tried late last year to buy a new 7,800-square-foot mansion nearby but was outbid by Theo Epstein, Chicago Cubs president of baseball operations, who paid $3.25 million for that residence.

Now Sharp is the owner of a 14-room, brick-and-limestone mansion on an extra-wide corner lot. Features include five full baths, two half-baths, multiple decks including one with an outdoor fireplace, a three-car heated garage, a custom spiral staircase, a three-zone chef’s kitchen, a dumbwaiter and a butler’s pantry.

The mansion had been listed for $3.295 million.

According to the multiple listing service, Jennifer Ames of Coldwell Banker represented Sharp. She declined to confirm that Sharp was her client, but she spoke generally about the house, calling it “not your cookie-cutter house.”

“Its floor plan has a center entrance and the layout is not your conventional, rail-car format,” Ames said. “And it’s laid out nicely for entertaining, with a lower level with a wet bar and a wine cellar, plus a couple of nice outdoor decks. It really is a nice house if you like to entertain.”

Sharp’s purchase closed May 2.



Everyone Loves A Parade

15 Jun

It’s true.  Everyone loves a parade.  250,000 people showed up to support the Stanley Cup Champion Kings.  Not quite the 2 million people that showed up for the Chicago Blackhawks parade 2 years ago but still impressive for that market.  I’m not sure any city will beat that.  I suppose New York could and Toronto.  That’s probably it.

Check out the photo gallery.  Some great pics in there.

Hey Vancouver did you notice how they didn’t burn their city down or flip over cop cars or loot?  Neither did Chicago or Boston.  That’s how you do it.  Got it?



12 Jun


Taylor Stevens is a professional FSDA. Watch her at work. @TAYSTEVENS



Kings Win First Championship in 45 Year History!

12 Jun

The Kings became the first No. 8 seed to win the Cup since the league started seeding conferences in 1994. They went a stunning 16-4 overall and 10-1 on the road.

Long suffering Kings fans can finally celebrate.

I had a friend who texted me during the game that the refs gave this game to the Kings with that 5 minute power play.  I understand his thought on it but after I thought about it I wasn’t so sure.  After all it was a penalty.  Maybe a double minor instead of a major but that’s only a difference of a minute.  Then I thought about my beloved Blackhawks.  Their power play the last two years has been atrocious.  If it was them, they wouldn’t have scored a single goal on that pp and would have given the momentum to the Devils.

So give credit to the Kings.  They scored 3 goals on that 5 minute power play to take a 3-0 lead in the first.  There was little doubt after that.  We all knew Lord Stanley’s Cup would be making it’s home in Los Angeles for the next year.

Not even Taylor Stevens boobs could help the Devils after that.  It took a while to see her.  I was beginning to think that NBC was making a conscious decision not to show her.  The first few times they showed Deboer they zoomed in on him, even cutting off the top of his head.  It was like they were afraid to get her in the shot.  Did some uptight Christian Coalition member threaten to boycott NBC if they showed her?  I mean the ice crew girls wear less clothing then she had.  What’s the problem?  They finally did show her and she looked great.  She is fighting off cancer and is auctioning off the clothes she wore at the games to raise money to fight cancer.  You can get the details on her twitter account.

Congrats to Johnathan Quick who became the 2nd consecutive American born goalie to win the Conn Smythe for MVP.  Last year it was Tim Thomas.

In addition to that Dustin Brown became the 2nd ever American born captain to hoist the cup over his head.  Last time that happened was in 1999 when Darien Hatcher lifted it for the Dallas Stars.

So enjoy it while you can Kings and Kings fans.  It’s not easy to repeat.

Here are some pictures of the celebration.