I Was Watching Some Boobs and a Hockey Game Broke Out

7 Jun

Yes yes yes, there was game 4 last night at Staples Center.  The Devils spoiled the party that LA wanted to have.  Predictable since it’s real hard to sweep a team in the playoffs and the Kings are 1-4 in getting a sweep this year.  So they will have to win Saturday night in New Jersey.

However let’s talk about what everyone is talking about.  The Huge Cans behind the Devils bench.  I, of course, noticed them throughout the game.  I thought, wow…the chicks in LA.  I assumed that was the last I would see of them.  However this morning I see they are everywhere on the internet.  The huge boobs in question belong to Porn Star Taylor Stevens.

Watch the gif below and you can see them distract Peter Deboer.  How could he not get distracted by those?

God Bless Her.  She is wonderful.

You know the Devils ought to think about flying her to Newark for the next game.  I mean her purpose was to distract the Devils but the Devils won.

Here is her tweet:

Omg @ the game fkn best seats behind the bench I’ll distract them

That’s the power of huge cans!  They should fly her first class to every game with seats behind their bench.

Yours truly is now following her on twitter too.  I’m not the only one.  She is officially trending in Canada.  She has way more followers than I do.  Imagine that.

Here are some pics from her official blog.  How is she doing?

Oh yeah and the Devils won.  They played well, Marty played great and what a goal by Henrique.  Just sweet.

The Devils went up 1-0 and I thought that was it, but then the hockey gods gave the Kings a weak power play.  By that I mean the call was very weak.  Very iffy penalty.  Then the Kings scored right away on the PP.  Wow, you thought it was there for the Kings but the Devils wouldn’t go away.  Kovy added and empty netter to seal the deal.

Reports are the Kovy has a major shoulder injury right now.

Anyway, on to Game 5.  The Kings have got off to a 3-0 start in all 4 series.  Only 1 of them went 4 games.  The other 2 were taken care of in 5 games.  I bet this one goes 5 games, that is unless they get Taylor Stevens behind the bench.  If it works right?  All I know is the Devils are 1-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals with Taylor behind their bench.



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