Big Fish Still Out There

3 Jul

So here we are after a couple of days of “Free Agent Frenzy”.  This year hasn’t felt like much of a frenzy.

The two big fish are still out there – Parise and Suter.

The market has slowed to a crawl while these two figure out where they are going to play.  The hockey media say both players have offers that are in the 10 year range and in the $100 million neighborhood.  No wonder they are taking their time.  10 years is a long time and that will directly affect your family.

The rumor mill is indicating that Chicago has become a late entry into the madness.  These rumors state that with Suter, you have the proximity.  Madison Wisconsin is where the Suter clan calls home and it’s a short 3 hour drive from the city.  They also are a hockey family that grew up cheering on the Blackhawks.  You also have Gary Suter, Ryan’s Uncle, who played for the hawks.  That was a formidable duo with Suter on Defense paired up with Chris Chelios.

The indication as far as Parise is concerned is that Chicago made a front loaded offer with guaranteed money.  14 million in guaranteed money up front in the first year.  They also allegedly pushed the benefit of playing in such a large market for endorsement opportunities.  Not to mention the chance to play on a team with Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, Keith and Seabrook.  Playing in a full house that leads the league in attendance.  That can’t be unattractive to a free agent.  Parise is getting married this summer and it’s said that his bride to be is pushing for Chicago as the place she will call home for the next 10 years.  He gets to play hockey but she has to live wherever he chooses to play.  That’s going to factor in.

I think we’re going to wait until Thursday or Friday before we hear anything.  Tomorrow is the 4th of July and both these guys are Americans.  Suter from Wisconsin and Parise from Minnesota.  Both of these guys are going to be with family at some barbecue lighting off fireworks.  We won’t hear anything tomorrow.  They will have a chance to talk this over with their families and come to a decision.

Then the rest of the dominos will fall.  Starting with Rick Nash.  The market will open up for Rick as soon as Parise is off the market.  Then after that, all the other free agents will get picked up as teams left standing at the alter will try to grab the next guy on their list before someone else does.

The signings so far?  There have been a few worth talking about.

How about the Dallas Stars?  First they trade Ribero, then they sign (overpay) Ray Whitney.  The man they call the wizard is pretty consistent but he’s also 40 years old.  That’s a lot of money for him.  Then the stars trade Ott to Buffalo for Roy.  I was surprised by that one.  I can see Buffalo’s need for him.  You won’t see a bunch of guys standing around when the Bruins run their goalie(Lucic on Miller).  Steve Ott will make sure of that.  My surprise is why did Dallas trade him?  But the Stars weren’t done yet.  Today they signed old Man Jaromir Jagr.  Interesting.  Really?  Jagr?  On Dallas?

I like PA Parenteu signing in Colorado.  I see that as a good fit as he’s lined up to play on a line with Duchene.  This will work out for him as well as playing on a line with Tavares like he did on the Islanders last year.

I like Adam Burish signing with San Jose.  He will be a good fit there and is exactly the kind of attitude and personality that the Sharks need in that dressing room.

Salvador resigned with the Devils after a strong playoff run.  First NJ resigns Broduer and now they keep this guy.   Does that mean Parise is next to resign with them?  They say Parise is a loyal guy and he has great respect for Lou Lamorillo.  Like a lot of players in NJ.

Alex Radulov signed with a team in the KHL.  Good riddance.  Guess he couldn’t hack it in the best league in the world?  Some guys like being a big fish in a small pond.

Montreal resigned goalie Carey Price.  Good call on that one.  He gives you a chance to win with him in the net.  He will be the leagues third highest paid goalie after Rinne and Lundquist.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has reduced noted Goon Raffi Torres’ suspension by 4 games.  That means he will have games served from this years playoffs as well as all preseason games next year and the first 8 games of the regular season.  I see this as a peace-offering from the league to the players as negotiations between the two sides are under way.  Speaking of these CBA negotiations we haven’t heard too much have we?  I think that’s a good thing.  It’s a good thing that they are talking to each other instead of through the media.  Does that mean they can work something out?  We’ll see.





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