Flyers Sign Weber to 14 Year Offer Sheet

19 Jul

Will the Predators match?

Tweets from TSN’s Darren Dreger broke at around midnight that the Philadelphia Flyers have signed Nashville Predators captain Shea Weber to a 14 year, $110 million offer sheet. The clock is now ticking, the Predators have until July 25th to decide what to do.  So do they match or let him walk?

Allegedly the deal breaks down like this:

Year 1 through 4 – $1 million salary, $13 million signing bonus
Year 5 through 6 – $4 million salary, $8 million signing bonus
Year 7 through 10 – $6 million salary
Year 11 – $3 million salary
Year 12 through 14 – $1 million salary

That’s a lot of money for anybody.  It’s a lot easier for Philadelphia to pay that out than Nashville.  Nashville has made great strides the last few years but they did just lose Suter.  That’s a big loss.  They need to keep Weber.  They need him on the ice and for the fans.  All those new fans that just jumped on board the bandwagon can’t lose both Suter (for nothing) and Weber for 4 first round draft picks. Per the current CBA if a team signs one of your players to an offer sheet then that team forfeits 4 first round draft picks to the team that was poached.

The Flyers are always a competitive team so those first round picks will be late.

How easy is it to draft a guy like Weber?  Not easy, that’s why Philly is throwing this offer sheet at him.  On the other hand Nashville has shown time and time again that they have an outstanding scouting system.  How many goalies have come and gone through this system?  Each time we think, well that’s it for Nashville losing their stud goalie but year after year they produce another guy to step into the role.  They do a great job developing players over there.

Maybe they can afford to let him go?  They image of the team would take a big hit but they do seem to know what they are doing.

Nashville has already come out and stated that they would match any offer.

Also keep in mind that Preds GM David Poile has indicated previously that the biggest mistake of his career was letting Scott Stevens go via an offer sheet while he was GM of the Capitals.

It’s not likely he forgot about that.

Weber, 26, made $7.5 million last season with the Predators.

Weber is a game-changer if his deal goes through; an elite defenseman, a strong leader and an offensive force.  Things got a lot more interesting in the Eastern Conference.  How much do the Rangers, Penguins, Devils, etc. like this deal?  Not too much I would imagine.

This also lends more credence to the whispers that Pronger is done.  Weber would be a nice replacement for that guy.



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