Hockeys Back Baby!!!

21 Jan

Hockey is Back!!!


and boy does she look good.

I heard from plenty of fans who swore off hockey and insisted that they would never be back.  Could have fooled me.  Saturday night, the first night of games for the league, showed the rinks housing NHL teams at 97% attendance.  Even teams in the south, Dallas, Florida, Tampa Etc. had full houses.  I guess the owners and players know their audience.  We are all junkies that need another fix.

Also back is fantasy hockey.


I know none of the guys in my fantasy league had any issue with the lockout. They couldn’t wait to get it going. They just wanted it over and to have hockey back. I’ve heard similar stories from other guys in fantasy leagues.

My beloved Blackhawks are off to a 2-0 start. Nice work boys, 2 down and 46 to go. Also nice was getting some revenge on the Coyotes or as I call them the new new jersey devils. On another pleasant note the Canucks are 0-1-1. That’s just lovely. Even better, they pulled Schneider and put in Luongo. How’s that too high asking price working out for you now? Probably should have traded him in the offseason.
If they did would Burke still have a job with the Leafs?



I know these pictures don’t necessarily have anything to do with hockey other then hockey is BACK and these are the backsides of some lovely ladies.

So hockey is back and so is TTS. I’ll try to get back to my regular blogging schedule. Where was I during the lockout? I was here. I didn’t see the sense in blogging about a bunch of idiots. I might have been the one hockey fan out there that doesn’t just solely blame this on Bettman. I know a lot of you hold him and only him personally responsible. Me? No I blame this on the owners, you know…the 30 bosses telling Bettman what to do, and the players. The players get a big part of the blame. Why? First off: hiring Donald Fehr. Are you F***ing kidding me? That’s why this took so long. The deal was done and accepted in the summer. We had to miss this much time because Fehr wanted to squeeze a few more sheckels out of the owners. The whole time giving a huge middle finger to the fans. Then I hear the players come out and say it’s good to be back to show the fans that we care. Are you kidding me? You care? If you cared about hockey instead of the almighty dollar then you never would have hired D Fehr. The biggest joke of the whole thing is that the union was fighting for contracts that the majority of players would never see (the 12 or 15 year joke of a contract with a few pennies in the final years to bring down the cap hit for a team). Or the famous refrain…..we are fighting for the next generation of fans. That’s not how sports unions work. The F*** the guy that’s not even there yet. That’s how it works.
I digress. I said I wasn’t going to do that and here I go on a rant. Let’s just go back to enjoying the sport we love so much and I’ll throw in some pictures of hot chicks since you guys seem to like it so much. At least according to the hits I receive when I do place some pics of some ladies.

So hockey is back and I’m happy. See you here in this space as the season goes along.





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