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Hawks on Brink of Elimination

20 Apr

Corey Crawford let in another soft one.  Another weak goal in over time.  Can’t happen.  Can’t happen in the playoffs and it most certainly can’t happen in the playoffs.  You certainly can’t let the same guy, Boedker, do it 2 games in a row.

Yes Leddy missed on a pinch but that’s what goalies are there for.  To cover up a mistake like that.  It wasn’t the worst mistake in the world either, he was trying to recover possession of the puck.  It happened at mid ice, enough time for crow to get ready for it.  The worst part is Boedker didn’t even shoot it.  It just trickled underneath Crawford.  Terrible goal.  Terrible way to lose.  The team is down 2-0 in the third and rally yet again to go in to OT.  Then crow lets one in 2:15 into the extra frame.

Not even with 22,111 Hawks fans chanting “Hossa, Hossa”  could fire up their team.

Where is Patrick Kane, Johnathan Toews, Patrick Sharp and Viktor Stalberg?  Any time you guys want to deliver an impact play is fine by me.

“We played well enough to win but it never really felt like we took control of that game at any point,” Toews said.

The Coyotes only had 19 shots on goal and yet they won.  The Hawks out shot the Coyotes 32-19.  But how many shots were good scoring chances?  The Coyotes give you the perimeter and close in on you when you approach the net.  They smother the life out of offense.  Remember when the New Jersey Devils played like that and won a few cups?  Interest in the league faded and ratings plummeted.  Part of the reason the NHL has the worst TV contract in the major sports.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.  Only the 12 Coyote fans out there would be happy with them winning the cup.

“I have no clue,” Crawford responded when asked how the puck squeaked in. “Once I see the replay I’ll figure out how that went in.”

“It seems like we get more motivated when we get down a goal or two and we see how well we can play and how much pressure we can put on them,” Toews said. “And we seem to be less afraid to make mistakes.”

“Tough break again,” Quenneville said. “Kind of comparable to the last game. Brutal ending…Both games ended on a tough note for us. We didn’t give up many chances tonight.”

“For 40 minutes I didn’t mind the way we played,” Quenneville said. “Certain guys I think need to be better in our team game.”

This was the 6th straight Hawks playoff game to go into overtime going back to last year.

The two teams tied an NHL record.  No series had the first 4 games to go into overtime since the Canadians and Maple Leafs did it in 1952.

Now the Hawks are on the brink of elimination.  History is not on their side concerning teams that are down 3-1.  They only hope for Hawks fans is that they have played their best hockey when they are desperate.  When they are losing in the third period they start playing “Blackhawk Hockey”.  Maybe being down 3-1 will bring that out of them at the start of game 5.