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Hawks beat Sharks and tonight they get to visit Sh**head Raffi Torres

7 Feb

What a game Tuesday night. Two of the best defensive teams in the league had a run and gun shoot out in the first period. Both teams scored 3 goals in the first 20 minutes. After that, both teams buckled down and the free for all calmed down.

Give Joel Quenneville credit. I would have yanked Crawford. He didn’t. He called Time out. The Sharks actually called their time out too with both teams having no time outs after the first period. But that third goal Crawford let in was typical. You know the kind you can’t let in. The ones you have to stop. But after that goal when the score was 3-2 TTS favorite Andrew Shaw scored 8 seconds later to tie the game. Plus, too Crawfords credit he did settle down and didn’t let in any more goals.

Congrats to Saad for getting his first NHL goal. Well deserved as the kid has been playing outstanding but wasn’t getting rewarded for his efforts. That goal was nice to see.

In the second period Toews and Kane put on a show. It was just those 2 and 4 sharks in the zone when Toews stole the puck and fed it to Kane to bang in a one timer game winning goal. Kane would later add an empty net. It was good SHarks players too. Jumbo Joe was on the ice so was Havlat. I don’t remember the D men but it was guys that should never allow something like that. 4 players against 2 and you let the 2 steal the puck from you and score. Score what turned out to be the game winning goal? You go to the bench and feel shame.

Now was this game a sign? Maybe. But the schedule could have had something to do with it too. The Sharks had played 3 games in 4 nights and had just lost a tough game to Anaheim the night before. At the same time, the Hawks had the same thing and came away with a victory against the Flames a few days ago so….is it an excuse? I read online that the Sharks fans want to blame this on the refs. Saying that was an unfair penalty for the hit on Mayers. Was it the worst hit in the history of the NHL? No. Did he leave his feet? Yeah a little bit. That’s what did it. It today’s sports world head shots will not have any wiggle room. You hit a guy in the head and leave your feet in the process will get you big penalty minutes. The NFL is leading the way and quite frankly…they should. Why do we have to tolerate career ending injuries and hits that threaten a persons quality of life. We all love big hits but we can’t have guys leaving their feet for a hit. Even if it’s just a couple inches off the ice. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that when you leave the ice for a hit, even just a couple inches, it makes a devastating head shot.

Speaking of leaving your feet for devastating head shots.

The Blackhawks get to visit the Phoenix Coyotes tonight. Guess who is back from his suspension for a dirty head shot. That’s right, the leagues biggest shit head, Raffi Torres. Go F*** yourself Raffi.

The Hawks played in Phoenix earlier this year, the second game of the season as a matter of fact. The Hawks beat them soundly. Now there is nothing more that Hawks fans want to see other then some justice. While I never can sponsor that type of activity, I maybe wouldn’t mind it against a serial repeating offender like Shithead. I mean Torres. This guy won’t learn. Tigers can’t change their stripes and Assholes cant stop being assholes. Just a fact of life. The best revenge for the Hawks would be to play their game and get the 2 points. It’s a short season and both teams need it. The Coyotes need the 2 points more then the Hawks do at this time of year so that would be sweet revenge. Plus the Hawks are rolling right now. Why spoil that by getting off your game just looking for revenge? Just play and win baby. Let that fuckface play for a losing team. He can stay at home and watch the Blackhawks in the playoffs.


Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls




Back to Back Shootout Losses

2 Feb


That picture pretty much sums it up.

Crawford played good. Not good enough to win. How confident are you in him when the hawks go to a shoot out? Yeah I’m not very confident either. For his career he is batting .500
Not bad, but not great. Not great as in he can win a game for you. You play well enough in front of him he will keep you in but he did not match Roberto LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUongo last night.

I am probably in the minority here but I don’t think Luongo is a bad goalie or a choke artist. Usually when things blow up in a hawks – canucks game it’s the team in front of him that’s letting him down. Not the other way around. But he’s in net and that’s who people blame. Interesting story unfolding here as the Canucks have him on the trade block but the team is playing better in front of him rather then in front of Schneider.

It was a good game last night against the Canucks but it didn’t really feel like a full blown rivalry game. Just two good teams playing hockey. I suspect the rivalry only exists in the fans minds now.

At least the Hawks took a point out of their building which is always a tough place to play. The Hawks were down and could not solve Lou he played very well. Then a great play happened. Andrew Shaw appeared to fill in for Dave Bolland who went out with what appears to be a right knee injury, and he filled in quite well. Grabbed the puck in the corner off a turnover and fed the puck to Patrick Kane in front of the net in the third period to salvage a point.

I don’t have a problem with going for Nick Leddy as the 4th shooter in the shootout. Apparently he does really well in practice. Other then Kane and Toews, no hawk has a good shoot out percentage. Sharp is only shooting at like 20% career wise. They never use Hossa. He must never score in practice.

Oh well, the Hawks still don’t have a regulation loss and now they go to another tough building in Calgary. The saddledome will be clad in red tonight. Should be a good battle. Hopefully the Hawks come away with 2 orat least 1.

Since back to back shootout losses don’t leave you with a good feeling I’ll leave you with this.



Andrew Shaw – the legend continues

7 Nov

TTS favorite Andrew Shaw was suspended for 6 games while playing for the Rockford Ice Hogs in a game against the Lake Erie Lock Monsters.

from puck daddy:

Shaw is the Chicago Blackhawks forward famous for his spirited play and infamous for his steamrolling of Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, costing him a 3-game suspension.

After his WWE-style run-in from the bench to fight Bordeleau, it was teammate (and former NHLer) Wade Brookbank that also left the pine for the ice to square off against the Lock Monsters defenseman.

Bordeleau earned 26 penalty minutes for the game, including a game misconduct. Brookbank earned a 10 minute misconduct and a game misconduct for leaving the bench; Shaw earned the same.

But when it comes to supplemental discipline, Shaw got the brunt of it. From the AHL:

Rockford IceHogs right wing Andrew Shaw has been suspended for six (6) games as a consequence of his actions in a game vs. Lake Erie on Nov. 3. Shaw was assessed a game misconduct for leaving the players’ bench for the purpose of starting an altercation. Shaw will miss Rockford’s games Friday (Nov. 9) at Grand Rapids, Saturday (Nov. 10) vs. Milwaukee, Nov. 14 vs. Peoria, Nov. 16 vs. Houston, Nov. 18 at Houston and Nov. 21 vs. Peoria.

Brookbank was suspended one game. Olsen was given two games for an illegal check to the head. Shaw, meanwhile, becomes an even more endearing figure for the Blackhawks fans that created #ShawFacts.

….and now it’s all over

24 Apr

I can’t help but think of the end of the movie Goodfellas, when Ray Liotta utters those words.  “and now it’s all over”  He wants spaghetti and marinara sauce but now all he can get is ramen noodles and ketchup.

It is over.  Not just the season but this team.  Last year they had an excuse, the gutting of a championship roster due to the salary cap.  But not this year.  This year they don’t have that excuse.

A friend of mine called me this morning and said “ok, who do you blame?”  I said…..Stan Bowman.

None of the Hawks issues were ever addressed.  The Hawks have a roster that has too many small skilled players.  All the skilled puck possession teams in the Western Conference (Detroit, Vancouver and Chicago) are all reserving tee times and not travel plans for the 2nd round.

The Hawks need a 2nd line center.  We knew this before the season began, we knew this during the season and we certainly knew it at the trade deadline.

Then there is the goalie situation.

The Hawks have Crawford signed for 3 more years.  They also extended Ray Emery for 2 more years on the last day of the regular season.  Let’s also not forget Cristobal Huet.  That’s right folks.  He is on the books for next year as well at $ 5,625,000.  Yeah that’s right.  As bad of a need that there is, I’m guessing that the Hawks will not fix that problem.  Not until after Huet comes off the books.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.  There won’t even be hockey next year.  Donald Fehr has hypnotized the players association into believing that the millions they make is not enough.  There will be a lockout.

Whenever the lockout ends the Hawks will need to put together a roster.  Bigger more physical players, a goalie that can win a game for you here and there (and not let in super soft weak goals in the playoffs) and a legitimate 2nd line center.

Last night during the telecast Pat Foley asked Eddie Olcyk how many top 6 forwards the Hawks have.  Both agreed that they have 4, 3 without Hossa.

During Quenneville’s post game a reporter asked him if he can give an update on Hossa now that the playoffs are over.  He said he’s not doing well and hopefully he starts recovering.  That’s not good is it?  I wonder how serious this is.  What if he can’t play next year?  What if his career is over?  I hear it’s a combination of whiplash and a severe concussion.  Possibly a broken jaw too.

Mike Smith stole that game last night.  The Hawks completely dominated the first 40 minutes.  Well except for that power play goal.  6 shots on goal and Crawford let’s one in.  I’m pretty sure Mike Smith wouldn’t have let that one in….nor the other 3 crow let in during the 3rd period.  Smith stood on his head and made 39 saves.  Crawford faced 20 shots and let in 4.  I can’t remember ever seeing a save percentage that low in a playoff game.  There probably has been but not since I’ve been watching hockey.

Yeah the Hayes penalty was bad and poorly timed but I don’t blame the kid.  I think our kids were some of our best players.  Bickell, Frolik, our boy Shaw and Leddy.  The Hayes line was probably the best line the Hawks had in that game.  Toews played pretty well but didn’t have an impact.  They only time I knew Patrick Sharp was playing was when he was giving out body checks.  He led the Hawks in hits.  That’s a pretty telling statement right there isn’t it?  Why is our leading scorer the only guy hitting people out there?  Goes back to not having enough physical players.  Hawks sure could use Andrew Ladd couldn’t they?

What did Kane do to get a 10 minute misconduct in the final minutes?  I haven’t seen anything about that yet.  If you know, let me know.

I heard from a friend in Canada that the TV announcers commended Kane for coming out for the team handshake after the game.  They said that it’s easy for a player who has been kicked out of a game where his team was eliminated to not come back out of the locker room.   Kane did and that was a class act.

So next year there won’t be any hockey and the year after that….the Hawks will probably look pretty similar to this one.  A good team, a sometimes dangerous team….but not an elite team.  Enjoy the next 49 years folks.  Go have a beer with a cubs fan. That guy has got it worse then you do.

Who to root for now?  Obviously it’s Let’s go Predators.  Take these a**holes out.  Quick too, like a sweep so Torres can sit for plenty of games next year.  Let him get hit in the wallet, since he doesn’t feel that pain in postseason suspensions.

I’m also going to root for the Blackhawks south…aka the Florida Panthers.

Gee you know that GM in Florida has put together a pretty good squad.  Lot’s of character guys who know how to win.  Why cant the Hawks have a GM like that?  Oh yeah, they did but John McDonough ran him out-of-town.  He got too much credit for putting together a championship squad.  Now we have son of Bowman.  A guy who has given us a team that is too soft and has gone out of the playoffs in the first round in consecutive years.  Good times.

I’m too depressed to write anymore.  I’ll write more later.

Per TTS policy when the Blackhawks play so poorly that they don’t deserve to get their pictures up on this site then hot chicks go up instead.  Losing 4-0 at home in an elimination game fits that description.  We’ve had blondes and brunettes but no red heads.  Not until now.  Enjoy.




Hawks Yotes Game 6 tonight

23 Apr

Another tight game in Phoenix on Saturday night and another OT game.  This ties an NHL record with 5 games in one series going to OT.  Hasn’t been done since 1951 between the Maple Leafs and Canadians.  If they go to OT tonight, then it will be an all time NHL record.

Good chance it does as Phoenix will slow it down and try to put the hawks, and their fans (and fans of hockey in general), to sleep with their style of play.  It sucks.  Hopefully the Hawks stay patient and wait for a chance.  Like Toews did in OT on Saturday night.  Stalberg, who was ready to be a whipping boy if they lost, kicked it out to Toews from the boards and Johnny goes to open ice (a very rare thing against the Coyotes) and makes no mistake.

Hey Kane and Sharp, it would be nice if you two would join the party.  I know you’re trying and I know Phoenix is smothering you guys but Johnny just gave you the blue print.

Stalberg wasn’t having a good game and took the only 4 penalties the Hawks would take.  Thank goodness Phoenix’ power play is as bad as the Hawks or it could have been ugly.  But he made a real nice play in OT along the boards.

Hayes, Frolik and Leddy had great games.  Crawford didn’t let any weak soft goals in which is nice in the playoffs.

Both teams have won 2 road games.  Only Phoenix has won a home game.  Time for the Hawks to match that tonight.

The Hawks will get a boost of energy from TTS favorite, Andrew Shaw.  His 3 game suspension, from a masterful acting job by Mike Smith, is over and he’s back in the line up.  I hear Hollywood is sending many scouts to tonight’s game for the next Bruce Willis action movie.  They need guys who act like they’ve been shot.  Smith is a leading contender.



What A Joke! Shaw suspended 3 games

17 Apr

Yes I know I’ve been missing the last few days.  My apologies readers.

I was up in the great white north for the weekend and then had some last minute tax issues to deal with.

So much to talk about and so much has happened since my last post but……since they just announced the Shaw suspension….we’re going to have to go with that.

How is that possible?  This is a joke right?  The precedent was sent earlier in the year when Lucic ran Miller.  NO SUSPENSION!

How does Shanahan not suspend Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators when in an act of rage he grabbed Henrik Zetterberg by the back of the head and smashed his face in the glass.  Twice!  NO SUSPENSION!

Does Shanahan have it out for the Blackhawks?  5 games for Keith?  3 for Shaw?  What they needed to give was the Academy Award to Mike Smith for best acting job of the year.

No this was not a dive.  Smith was hit, but come on….he lays on the ice acting like he had been hit by a Mack Truck.  Then, he magically gets up and plays the rest of the game.  He is quoted saying “I”m 100%” after the game.  Dave Tippett, Phoenix’s coach, also said he’s fine.

I read on yahoo that if Smith wasn’t playing tonight (and he is playing, he is not hurt) that Shaw would have been suspended for the rest of the series.

What kind of a joke is this?  Why is Shanny picking on the Hawks.  Just because he is frustrated that this years playoffs look more like scenes from Slapshot than actual hockey isn’t Chicago’s fault.  So Pittsburgh and Philadelphia log tons of penalty minutes and then to make an example you suspend Hawks players?  What the hell?

From Shaw:

“(I told Shanahan) that I tried getting out of the way,” Shaw said. “It wasn’t the intent of hitting him, it was more of I didn’t have enough time to get out of the way. I let (Shanahan) know next time I’ll go in there with a little bit more control. I’m just waiting to hear the news.

“I watched the replay (Monday),” Shaw added. “I did make contact but it was just the intent. I didn’t mean to do it. We’ll let Brendan and staff figure out what the punishment will be.”


I wish Shanny was consistent.  This picking and choosing of which teams you want to suspend has to stop.  What about Sidney Crosby’s nonsense on Sunday?  That’s perfectly acceptable but Shaw gets 3 games?  How about game 2 of St Louis and San Jose?  That you like but not Shaw?  I don’t get it.  I’ve been getting texts, emails and calls from Hawks fans that are up in arms because they can’t make sense of it.

Furthermore why did it take Shanny until this afternoon to figure this out.  The hearing was yesterday at 1pm.  More nonsense.

Well game 3 is tonight and Mike Smith will be in net.  Andrew Shaw will sit.  Home teams have not been doing particularly well this year in the post season but hopefully the Hawks faithful can cheer the boys onto victory.  Be careful boys, you don’t know which of you Shanny will suspend next.  Cross your fingers that the guys in the other series behave otherwise Shanny will make a Blackhawk an example.

Good luck.


Looks like Coyotes + Toews update

9 Apr

So it looks like the 6th seeded Chicago Blackhawks will take on the 3rd seeded Phoenix Coyotes/Quebec City Nordiques/Seattle whatevers.  The Blackhawks, who had more points than the Coyotes in the regular season, will be considered underdogs.

Most of the hockey worlds “experts” are picking The Coyotes to win.  They have cited things such as:

  • Home Ice Advantage
  • A Red Hot Goaltender
  • Winning the regular season series 3-1
  • A system that can frustrate the Hawks

All those items are true.  However, crazy things can happen in the playoffs.  It’s why they play the games.

Let’s address those issues.

Home Ice Advantage- Have you watched a Hawks – Coyotes game on TV?  It looks like a home game for Chicago when they play in Phoenix.  Over half the crowd is dressed in Chicago Red.  Not Coyote red which is a few shades darker.  Only the line matchups will favor Phoenix as the Hawks will have plenty of fans with huge lung power.

A Red Hot Goaltender- True.  He is burning up right now.  The team is playing well in front of him and more importantly…they believe in him.  This will be a huge challenge.  However the Hawks do have the firepower necessary to make him look human.  It all depends on if they Hawks can stay patient, not get frustrated and take advantage of their opportunities.

Winning the Regular Season Series- Throw that out the window.  Regular season stats mean di** in the playoffs.  Also don’t forget that the Hawks played Phoenix 3 times before the Johnny Oduya trade.  The Hawks are much more solidified on the back end now.  Plus Andrew Shaw only played in one game against the Coyotes….and you know that guy is fired up and ready to go.

A system that can frustrate the Hawks.  This is the biggest area of concern for the Hawks.  They did get frustrated against the Coyotes system which is designed to smother the life out of a run and gun offense.  The Coyotes are trying to channel their inner New Jersey Devils of 10 years ago.  However, if the Hawks can stay patient and not get frustrated then they will be fine.  They have the talent to pounce on their opportunities when they present themselves.  Just keep their cool and it will be fine.  They can beat these guys.  They have more depth on offense, and with Oduya on defense too.  The only advantage Phoenix has is in goal.

According to 650 AM today, Jonathan Toews did a regular practice on the first line today.  He centered a line of himself, Patrick Kane and Marion Hossa.  Hey Phoenix it looks like Toews is playing in the playoffs.  Good luck on that.  The team was playing really well and now you add that guy.  A guy who can win a game on his own sheer will.  Have fun matching that up Tippett.

The 2nd line was left alone having Sharp play with the two Swedes, Stalberg and Kruger.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Leave that line alone.

Dave Bolland and Andrew Brunette also returned to practice today.  Both should be playing in Game 1.  It appears everyone should be back for the Hawks except for Steve Montador.  I’m real happy to hear about #36, that guy has an extra gear in the playoffs.  He’s like a current Claude Lemieux.  That’s going to help the Hawks out a lot.

“This is a fun time of year,” Hawks center Patrick Kane said. “When you’re coming into the first round of the playoffs, you feel you have a good team and you feel you have a chance to go far in the playoffs. Hopefully, we can do some special things. I think we can with this group and have a long postseason.”

Game 1 is Thursday at 9PM Central Time.  In Chicago the game will be on CSN, the rest of the US will have the game on NBC Sports.

Prediction – Hawks win the series in 6.  I know I’m biased, but I think the “experts” are forgetting what this team can bring.  Not to mention how well they were playing at the end of the season without their best player.  The cup core is still here.  They know what it takes and the team is healthy.  Hawks in 6.


See you tomorrow with picks on the rest of the matchups.