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I’m Brendan Shanahan of the National Department of Ass Kicking

21 Jun

Last night the NHL had it’s annual awards show in Las Vegas at the Wynn Casino.  The show went on as usual with a couple of changes.  The biggest being that there was no host.  The last couple of years they had Jay Mohr handling the host duties but this year it was a revolving cast of hosts and some pre-taped bits.  This format proved much more entertaining then the usual.

Will Arnett stole the show.  He had several pre-taped bits where he did a Brendan Shanahan impersonation.  He was dead on, not just with the clothes but with the mannerisms.  Take a look below at a few examples.

Also stealing the show was ESPN reporter Erin Andrews.

I knew she looked good when my girlfriend said “her dress it too short”.  My girlfriend never gets jealous so I knew Erin had something going on.  She was one of the better presenters, she even played off the weak material she had written for her.  Some others didn’t handle it as well such as Joshua Jackson and the first guy, whose name i can’t remember.  I’ll get back to you on that.

Congrats to Malkin on the Hart.  This is Malkin’s first Hart.  Malkin also collected the Art Ross Trophy as the league scoring champion and the Ted Lindsay Award from his fellow NHLPA members as the NHL’s best player.

Congrats to Brian Campbell for becoming the first defenseman since 1954 to win the Lady Bing.  He played in all 82 games but amassed only 6 penalty minutes!

Congrats to King Henrik on the Vezina.  Lundqvist’s win in his fourth Vezina nomination topped the impressive list of Swedish winners. Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson won the Norris Trophy as the NHL’s top defenseman, and Colorado’s Gabriel Landeskog won the Calder Trophy as the top rookie.

Ottawa captain Daniel Alfredsson also won the King Clancy Trophy for humanitarian contributions to hockey.

”For sure, it’s a great year for Sweden,” Lundqvist said.

St. Louis also had a pretty good day in Vegas: Ken Hitchcock won the Jack Adams Trophy as the NHL’s top coach for the first time in his lengthy career, while Blues general manager Doug Armstrong was selected the league’s top executive. Blues goalies Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott also picked up their Jennings Trophy for allowing the fewest goals in the regular season.

Boston forward Patrice Bergeron won his first Selke Trophy as the NHL’s top defensive forward.

Next up – the NHL draft on Friday.  There is usually lots of wheeling and dealing done on that day and we here at TTS will be paying close attention.  So until then hockey fans.



Raffi Torres Taking Out The Blackhawks One Dirty Head Shot at a Time

18 Apr

What a disgrace.  How is Raffi Torres still playing in the NHL?  How many head shots can he get away with before the league gets serious?  On the one year anniversary of his dirty head shot to Brent Seabrook (a play where he was not suspended) he celebrates by taking another dirty cheap shot at a Blackhawks players head in the playoffs.

Why shouldn’t he?  If the league won’t punish him, and really punish him, then why should he ever stop?  Does someone have to die before the league wakes up?  Does someone have to go into a coma?  What is it going to take?

Here is the hit from last year.  At least on this one he doesn’t leave his feet, however he hits Brent Seabrook who never touched the puck.

You can take the player off the Canucks but you can’t take the Canucks out of the player.

Torres is a repeat offender. He was fined $2,500 in December for elbowing Jan Hejda and suspended three days later for two games after charging Nate Prosser. You’ll recall he was banned for the final two regular season games and two playoff games at the end of last season for elbowing Jordan Eberle in the head.

Like I said.  What is it going to take?  When will the NHL remove this goon?

They didn’t seem to have a problem suspending Andrew Shaw who has never been in trouble before for 3 games.  On a superb acting job by Mike Smith.  It’s funny, I saw Smith being interviewed after the game and he seemed perfectly coherent to me.

But Shanahan, league disciplinarian has been very inconsistent.  He’ll probably let Torres get away with it so he can do it to another player.

How frustrating is it for the Blackhawks?  How can all 4 officials not see anything?  Especially when you know this repeat offender is on the ice and Hossa has to be taken off by stretcher.  The really insulting part is that Torres got to finish the game and the refs gave Phoenix a power play.  Great job Torres, here is your reward….a power play for your team.

Watch that replay again.  You’ll see a linesman right in front of it.  How can he say he didn’t see it?  How is that possible?  Is there a conspiracy theory?  Does the league want Phoenix to win so bad that the refs are rigging the series?  Do they need Phoenix to finally win a playoff round so jobing.com arena can sell some tickets to look more attractive to potential buyers so someone will finally buy that stupid team?  Typically I’m not one for conspiracies but all of this just makes no sense.  I can’t find any logic with how they are calling this series.  The refs have been a joke and so has Shanahan.  I’m just in shock over the whole thing.

Give the Hawks credit.  They kept their composure rather well during the game.  Nobody lost focus too bad in trying to go after that Piece of Sh**.

CSN Chicago said in the post game that Hossa was able to leave the hospital under his own power.  He got in a car and went home and the Blackhawks are monitoring him.  They expect a full recovery but the time table is unknown of course.  How could it be?  He was knocked unconscious and most likely has a bad concussion.  Something the league, allegedly, is trying to get out of the game.  Vicious cheap shots to the head.

The Ball is in Shanahan’s court.  Now is the time to make an example of this goon.  This repeat offender.  A guy who has shown he has not learned any kind of lesson and will continue to make dirty cheap shots to a guys head.  We have seen guys get suspended for leaving their feet on a hit and making contact with a guys head.  He has to be suspended.  He must be.

How can Torres not give a sh**?  How can he have no sympathy towards his fellow man?  Hockey is just a game.  Hossa is a family member, a son…a husband.  How can Torres not take that into consideration?  He has no respect for his fellow humans well-being.  He just doesn’t care.  Why should he?  Until the league really gets serious and makes a very long suspension.  Now is the time for a statement suspension.  Get the playoffs back to hockey instead of scenes from Slapshot.   This isn’t the “federal league”  it’s the National Hockey League.  Let’s get back to that.

In addition to this nonsense there was a hockey game.  A game in which the Hawks lost.  They lost by making a few mistakes.  Poor coverage on 4 on 4 let Phoenix in the game and Corey Crawford letting in a weak one in OT.  That is a shot that Crawford has to stop.  He wasn’t ready.  Can’t blame the loss on Crow he was great for most of the game.  Unfortunately his one bad play came at the worst possible time.  The Hawks will have to regroup and win game 4.

All 3 home teams lost last night.  Home teams are 8-17 in this years playoffs.  What happened to home ice advantage?

That was the 5th straight playoff game to go into overtime for the Blackhawks going back to last year against the Canucks.

Speaking of the Canucks they play game 4 tonight.  If they lose, they will be swept out of the playoffs.  In the Words of Eric Cartman “Go Kings Go!”


What A Joke! Shaw suspended 3 games

17 Apr

Yes I know I’ve been missing the last few days.  My apologies readers.

I was up in the great white north for the weekend and then had some last minute tax issues to deal with.

So much to talk about and so much has happened since my last post but……since they just announced the Shaw suspension….we’re going to have to go with that.

How is that possible?  This is a joke right?  The precedent was sent earlier in the year when Lucic ran Miller.  NO SUSPENSION!

How does Shanahan not suspend Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators when in an act of rage he grabbed Henrik Zetterberg by the back of the head and smashed his face in the glass.  Twice!  NO SUSPENSION!

Does Shanahan have it out for the Blackhawks?  5 games for Keith?  3 for Shaw?  What they needed to give was the Academy Award to Mike Smith for best acting job of the year.

No this was not a dive.  Smith was hit, but come on….he lays on the ice acting like he had been hit by a Mack Truck.  Then, he magically gets up and plays the rest of the game.  He is quoted saying “I”m 100%” after the game.  Dave Tippett, Phoenix’s coach, also said he’s fine.

I read on yahoo that if Smith wasn’t playing tonight (and he is playing, he is not hurt) that Shaw would have been suspended for the rest of the series.

What kind of a joke is this?  Why is Shanny picking on the Hawks.  Just because he is frustrated that this years playoffs look more like scenes from Slapshot than actual hockey isn’t Chicago’s fault.  So Pittsburgh and Philadelphia log tons of penalty minutes and then to make an example you suspend Hawks players?  What the hell?

From Shaw:

“(I told Shanahan) that I tried getting out of the way,” Shaw said. “It wasn’t the intent of hitting him, it was more of I didn’t have enough time to get out of the way. I let (Shanahan) know next time I’ll go in there with a little bit more control. I’m just waiting to hear the news.

“I watched the replay (Monday),” Shaw added. “I did make contact but it was just the intent. I didn’t mean to do it. We’ll let Brendan and staff figure out what the punishment will be.”


I wish Shanny was consistent.  This picking and choosing of which teams you want to suspend has to stop.  What about Sidney Crosby’s nonsense on Sunday?  That’s perfectly acceptable but Shaw gets 3 games?  How about game 2 of St Louis and San Jose?  That you like but not Shaw?  I don’t get it.  I’ve been getting texts, emails and calls from Hawks fans that are up in arms because they can’t make sense of it.

Furthermore why did it take Shanny until this afternoon to figure this out.  The hearing was yesterday at 1pm.  More nonsense.

Well game 3 is tonight and Mike Smith will be in net.  Andrew Shaw will sit.  Home teams have not been doing particularly well this year in the post season but hopefully the Hawks faithful can cheer the boys onto victory.  Be careful boys, you don’t know which of you Shanny will suspend next.  Cross your fingers that the guys in the other series behave otherwise Shanny will make a Blackhawk an example.

Good luck.