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Hawks Keep Rolling

18 Feb

Yes it got a little frantic at the end of the game but the Hawks held on to win the game and remain unbeaten in regulation.

The Blackhawks (12-0-3) matched the 1984-85 Edmonton Oilers for the league’s second-longest streak, and are one away from the tying the mark set by Anaheim in 2006-07.

Who do they play next? The much hated Vancouver Canucks. What a time for those jerk-stores to come to town. Could it get any better then beating them? Of course I’m sure they are saying something similar about being the team to beat the Hawks and keep them from making history. Should be a fun one.


The Hawks got a good start and an early lead on the defending Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. Up 3-0 and that was enough. Nice to see Sharp get a goal. He went nearly a month between tallies. He was still productive and was racking up the assists but goal scorers like to get goals. Imagine if that guy heats up.

Ray Emery was solid all night. Looking like a legit number 1 goalie instead of a number 2 or a guy on his last legs….or last hip in his case.

The 2 goals that the Kings scored were power play goals that Ray Emery was screened on. Full marks to the Kings. The earned those goals and grabbed momentum off of them. Hey Blackhawks did you hear that? The Kings scored power play goals by having a man in front screening the goalie. It’s not rocket science guys.


”What’s important to us is getting home-ice advantage, making the playoffs,” Toews said. ”Those are our goals. Once you get there, the real season starts. When you get to that point, no one really cares or remembers those streaks at the start of the season.”

”I thought we had a great first 40 minutes and they got some momentum off their power-play goal early in the third,” Chicago coach Joel Quenneville said. ”They had a great third period. We had 40, they had a great 20, and the clock ran out, which was nice.”

”We probably didn’t play well enough to win this game,” Richards said. ”The slow start kind of cost us. We gave them a lot in the first period with penalties and some turnovers and they scored some goals, which put us behind the 8-ball pretty quick.”

Before the game, Quenneville said Crawford was ”progressing” and is day-to-day. When asked if Crawford’s condition might be long-term, Quenneville replied, ”I don’t foresee that yet.” Crawford – who has a 7-0-3 record, 1.65 goals-against average and .935 save percentage – has not skated since sustaining his injury, apparently in a 3-2 shootout loss to Anaheim last Tuesday. It’s alleged that Bobby Ryan injured Crawford when he ran into him in that game. With no penalty called for some weird reason.



Toews & Datsyuk out of tonight’s Blackhawks – Red Wings game

21 Feb

Blackhawks Center Jonathon Toews will miss tonight’s game.

“He’s day to day,” Quenneville said. “Upper body … There was no defining blow, I would say.”

Toews was able to finish the last game, a 3-1 win over the St. Louis Blues on Sunday, but did not practice today.

Detroit star (and best player in the league in TTS’ opinion) is also out for tonight’s game following arthroscopic surgery Tuesday to remove fragments from his right knee.  He is expected to miss 2 weeks.

Datsyuk is Detroit’s leading scorer with 59 points. Detroit has won a record 23 consecutive home games. Datsyuk helped Detroit keep its streak going when he scored with 5 seconds left Friday to beat Nashville—win No. 22 in a row at home.

Detroit also confirms Tuesday that goalie Ty Conklin has cleared waivers and been assigned to the team’s Grand Rapids affiliate.

Should be a great “Original 6” match tonight with these central division rivals.  No two teams in the NHL have played each other more then the Hawks and Wings.


Hawks Win! Hawks Win!!!

17 Feb

Whew!  That’s over.  Long losing streaks suck.  As TTS predicted this was the game the Hawks would break their losing streak on.  It had the perfect set up to a trap game for the New York Rangers.

Hawks came out with a purpose.  They came out with the Hawks offense we know and love, scoring 4 goals in the first 10 minutes of the first period.

That was the first win at Madison Square Garden for the Blackhawks since 12 11 2002.  It was the Hawks first win since Jan 20 of this year.  Toews had a beauty of a penalty shot early in the game to set the tone.  That’s his second penalty shot of the year.  He beat Jimmy Howard earlier.  Which is the first time the Blackhawks had 2 successful penalty shots in one year since 1936.

Huge play by Hossa to keep the puck in the zone before assisting on Leddy’s goal 62 seconds after Toews’ goal.  Then Sharpie scores 2 minutes later on a beautiful feed from Toews.  Hawks had to kill off a 4 minute penalty and seconds after Kane sends a gorgeous pass to Marion Hossa who takes it in to score.  4-0 not even 10 minutes in to the first period.  That’s more like it.

However that’s just one game.  As Patrick Sharp said after the game “we can’t go out celebrating like it’s New Years Eve we still have a long road ahead of us”.  He’s got that right.  Usually when teams hit Manhattan they like to hit the town.  I would bet not one Hawks was out partying the night before the game.  They were embarrassed.  They were not going to let the losing streak get to 10.  No chance. Even if they were in the perfect city to party like it’s nye.

Now the Blackhawks go from playing the Blue Shirts, who are maybe the best team in the league, to the Blue Jackets who are the worst team in the league.  Don’t let that stat fool you.  The Blue Jackets have played very well lately winning 3 of their last 4.  Their last win was against the St Louis Blues who are very tough this year.

Nice to see Crawford play well.  He didn’t lose his net once and the rebound control was better.  Nothing he could do about either goal he let in.  The first one he was screened and the second bounced off a Rangers skate in front of the net.  Overall, pretty good.

John Scott had a good game.  Great screen in front of the net on the Hawks 2nd goal.  Also I thought the message he sent was perfect.  Yes he received penalties on it but so what?  His teammates loved it and killed it off.  Players don’t mind those kind of penalties.  The Rangers are a tough team.  They will take liberties at you.  John Scott came out early and sent a message.  You going to rough up Toews or anyone else?  Then I’ll be on the ice.  Perfect.  These bandwagon Hawks fans who are brainwashed by idiot bloggers need to understand that the thing about Scott is – it’s not what he does it’s what the other team doesn’t do.  If you’ve ever played meaningful hockey games (ie playoffs) then you’ll know what a guy like Scott brings.  Teams will rough you up to take your will down.  Having a guy like Scott in your corner does more for your game then anything.  It’s huge.  I don’t know why so many Hawk fans don’t understand this.  Just because a guy blogs about the Blackhawks doesn’t mean he’s always right.

Yes I get the irony.

Hawks have the Blue Jackets on Saturday and then on Hockey Day in America (Sunday) they host the St Louis Blues on a nationally televised game (NBC).

Go Hawks.


Hawks lose again, winless streak hits 9

15 Feb


I should be crying in my coffee but I’m not.  This win didn’t feel bad.  I know when it becomes 9 in a row you should be wringing your hands but you know what?  The Hawks played well.  Well enough to win…but they didn’t.  A couple of unlucky breaks.  The Hawks played with some emotion, they played with intent, they played with purpose, they played good defense and the offense showed signs of life.

For crying out loud the power play actually created scoring chances!!!!  When was the last time we saw that?  Usually the Hawks pp gives the other team momentum.  There was one pp where Nashville couldn’t get it out of their zone.  That’s one hell of a good goalie they have there in Nashville.  I think it was the difference in the game.  The Hawks outshot Nashville 32-19 in their own barn.  Pekka Rinne made some incredible, spectacular saves.  The Hawks just aren’t getting that.  They get good goal tending but nothing that will save a game for them.  Other teams are getting it.  Just not the Hawks.

Having said that I do feel like the Hawks are about to turn it around.  You can’t shake off that nasty fall from confidence and be back up on top immediately.  You have to take steps to get out of the hole.  A huge hole the Hawks made for themselves, that’s why it will take steps.  Last night the Hawks started pulling themselves out.  I actually felt the Hawks were going to win last night but a lucky redirect off Keith’s stick and it’s in.  Emery should have had that one for us.  “That’s one I really want to stop and it just hits off the defenseman,” Emery said. “I really have to stop that.”

Yeah you do.

“Of all the losses we’ve had lately it was one of our better games,” Marian Hossa said.  The rest of the team stepped up.  Now they just need a goalie to play well…no make that play great.  They need a save at that critical time.  Like last night when there was 5 minutes left in the third period.  Really could have used that save with the score 2-2. Nashville got it, like the save Rinne made on Patrick Sharp off a laser of a one timer from the slot.  That’s how you keep your team in the game.

“Tonight it looked like we were doing the things we wanted to do and we were in the right direction, get it to overtime and see what happens,” coach Joel Quenneville told reporters after the game. “That hurt.”

Bizarro Jonathon Toews showed his head again last night.  What an uncharacteristic giveaway by # 19 that led to a Predators goal.  I sure would like regular Johnny Toews to come back.