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Keith and Hawks – Preds preview

25 Mar

5 games seems a bit excessive.  After all precedent has been set.  Shane Doan, a repeat offender mind you, was suspended for 3 games for an elbow to the head.  3 games!  This was the day before Keith was suspended.

What happened the next day?  Did the marketplace establish a new price on elbows to the head?

Keith is a first time offender.  Usually the league shows a little lenience on first time offenders.  Not this time.  Even though they have shown that a REPEAT offender gets 3 game for an elbow to the head, they decided to suspended Keith for 5 games.

Typical NHL.  No consistency at all.  Of course there are some special circumstances.  This is an American based club against a Canadian based club.  Who is going to get the preferential treatment?  As we’ve seen time and time again, the Canadian club gets things their way.  If you try this argument against a Canadian they will strongly refute it but you know what?  Actions speak louder than words.  Pay attention and you’ll see, they league will always give a better ruling to a Canadian based club.

When you have this situation, and a club that cries and whines louder than any other team in the league, and they will get what they want.  I guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  3 games for Doan a repeat offender and the very next day Keith- a first time offender gets 5 games.  Both suspended for elbows to the head.  Makes perfect sense. In the words of Homer Simpson – ppffttt

Look I’m not saying he shouldn’t have been suspended.  He should have.  He temporarily let his emotions do his thinking for him.  You can’t do that.  But remember he had only 22 penalty minutes last year (that’s lady bing material) and this year only 42.  Not much.  But it’s hard to keep your cool when the Canucks repeatedly take cheap shots at you.

In Other News:

Toews skated for a 5th straight day and is encouraged by his progress.  He is tempering his enthusiasm as he has been here before only to have another set back in his recovery from a concussion.  Jeez Toews has a concussion that will cause him to miss his 16th straight game.  No suspension for Joe Thorton.  I guess the Hawks don’t whine enough.

After the last meeting between Nashville and Chicago, a 3-2 loss on Feb 14th, Predators coach Barry Trotz told reporters several Hawks were “cheating” defensively with their positioning and not playing a full 200-foot game.

“Kane had no speed and thank God because when he gets rolling he’s hard to stop,” Trotz said Feb. 17. “I was actually happy that he was cheating.”

“When it first comes out you’re kind of taken back by it a little bit because of the success we’ve had as a team the past couple of years,” he said. “It was almost like (Trotz) was telling us how to play the game. Hopefully, we’ll prove him wrong (Sunday) and show him his words aren’t true.”

Rookie center Marcus Kruger practiced Saturday but won’t play against the Predators because of concussion symptoms. …he was given that injury in the game against the Canucks.  How many Vancouver players were suspended for that?  None?  Hmm, that’s fair.

Veteran defenseman Steve Montador (concussion) has been cleared for contact and is close to a return to the lineup.  He wasn’t playing very well before he went out with an upper body injury” but with Keith out, the Hawks will need his help.