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Revenge is Sweet

8 Feb

Patrick Kane had another big night and the Chicago Blackhawks won again.

The fact that they exacted a bit of revenge on Raffi Torres and routed the Phoenix team that ousted them from last season’s playoffs only made it sweeter.

Kane had two goals and an assist, and the Blackhawks remained the only NHL team without a loss in regulation this season by beating the Coyotes 6-2 Thursday night.


What could make it better? How about seeing Mike “give the academy award to” Smith head to the bench. Yeah sit down on the bench and think about how you suck Smith. Stupid crybaby. But hey at least he didn’t throw a tantrum this time like he has so many times before. Smith has now given up 12 goals in 2 games this year to the Blackhawks. In last years playoffs Smith gave up 12 goals in 6 games. Don’t you just love that? I know I sure do.

Did somebody fight Raffi Shithead Tores? Check, nice job Mayers. Patrick Kane said after the first period that the fight, which happened right in front of the hawks bench, gave the whole team chills. Got them really pumped up. It showed as the Hawks left the first period up 4-0.

How sweet.

Have you ever seen a Dave Tippett coached team lose their cool like this? Not when he was with Dallas, not with the Coyotes. They took stupid penalty after stupid penalty. Giving the Hawks two 5 on 3’s in the first. The Hawks made them pay both times for that. The Hawks are rolling right now and brimming with confidence. Do you really think it’s a good strategy to give them two 5 on 3’s? No it’s not.

Sorry former Winnipeg Jets, Current Phoenix Coyotes, future Quebec Nordiques.

”We feel good right now,” coach Joel Quenneville said. ”We’ve been consistent in our games. We got a lot of contributions from a lot of guys. It seems like the chemistry and the mood of the room is as good as you can get, and it’s reflected in our play.”

”A good fight there,” said Patrick Sharp, who had three assists. ”It definitely fired us up and got us going.”

”When you give up five power-play opportunities, you give up one soft goal, two 5-on-3 goals and one where we had nobody willing to cover anybody anywhere close,” coach Dave Tippett said, ”and you put them up by a score like that, it makes it kind of an uphill battle the rest of the night.”

Cheered on by their usual boisterous fans in Phoenix, the Blackhawks outshot the Coyotes 17-4 in the first period. It almost looked like a Hawks home game.

”I hope that’s a blip on the radar screen,” Tippett said, ”because there’s a lot of stuff right there that is not going to be happening on our team.”

NOTES: Chicago wraps up its season-high six-game road trip Sunday in Nashville. … Kane is 13 short of 400 career points. … Phoenix’s Rostislav Klesla missed his ninth straight game with a lower-body injury. … Kane entered third in the NHL in points (15). … Smith has allowed 12 goals against Chicago and eight against every other team he’s faced.





Hawks beat Sharks and tonight they get to visit Sh**head Raffi Torres

7 Feb

What a game Tuesday night. Two of the best defensive teams in the league had a run and gun shoot out in the first period. Both teams scored 3 goals in the first 20 minutes. After that, both teams buckled down and the free for all calmed down.

Give Joel Quenneville credit. I would have yanked Crawford. He didn’t. He called Time out. The Sharks actually called their time out too with both teams having no time outs after the first period. But that third goal Crawford let in was typical. You know the kind you can’t let in. The ones you have to stop. But after that goal when the score was 3-2 TTS favorite Andrew Shaw scored 8 seconds later to tie the game. Plus, too Crawfords credit he did settle down and didn’t let in any more goals.

Congrats to Saad for getting his first NHL goal. Well deserved as the kid has been playing outstanding but wasn’t getting rewarded for his efforts. That goal was nice to see.

In the second period Toews and Kane put on a show. It was just those 2 and 4 sharks in the zone when Toews stole the puck and fed it to Kane to bang in a one timer game winning goal. Kane would later add an empty net. It was good SHarks players too. Jumbo Joe was on the ice so was Havlat. I don’t remember the D men but it was guys that should never allow something like that. 4 players against 2 and you let the 2 steal the puck from you and score. Score what turned out to be the game winning goal? You go to the bench and feel shame.

Now was this game a sign? Maybe. But the schedule could have had something to do with it too. The Sharks had played 3 games in 4 nights and had just lost a tough game to Anaheim the night before. At the same time, the Hawks had the same thing and came away with a victory against the Flames a few days ago so….is it an excuse? I read online that the Sharks fans want to blame this on the refs. Saying that was an unfair penalty for the hit on Mayers. Was it the worst hit in the history of the NHL? No. Did he leave his feet? Yeah a little bit. That’s what did it. It today’s sports world head shots will not have any wiggle room. You hit a guy in the head and leave your feet in the process will get you big penalty minutes. The NFL is leading the way and quite frankly…they should. Why do we have to tolerate career ending injuries and hits that threaten a persons quality of life. We all love big hits but we can’t have guys leaving their feet for a hit. Even if it’s just a couple inches off the ice. That doesn’t matter. What matters is that when you leave the ice for a hit, even just a couple inches, it makes a devastating head shot.

Speaking of leaving your feet for devastating head shots.

The Blackhawks get to visit the Phoenix Coyotes tonight. Guess who is back from his suspension for a dirty head shot. That’s right, the leagues biggest shit head, Raffi Torres. Go F*** yourself Raffi.

The Hawks played in Phoenix earlier this year, the second game of the season as a matter of fact. The Hawks beat them soundly. Now there is nothing more that Hawks fans want to see other then some justice. While I never can sponsor that type of activity, I maybe wouldn’t mind it against a serial repeating offender like Shithead. I mean Torres. This guy won’t learn. Tigers can’t change their stripes and Assholes cant stop being assholes. Just a fact of life. The best revenge for the Hawks would be to play their game and get the 2 points. It’s a short season and both teams need it. The Coyotes need the 2 points more then the Hawks do at this time of year so that would be sweet revenge. Plus the Hawks are rolling right now. Why spoil that by getting off your game just looking for revenge? Just play and win baby. Let that fuckface play for a losing team. He can stay at home and watch the Blackhawks in the playoffs.


Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Girls



Rangers Take Game 7 and 3rd round predictions.

13 May

The NY Rangers have never lost a Game 7 at home in the history of the franchise.  Last night was no different.

The Capitals played them tough but in the end couldn’t generate enough offense.  You never would think that could be possible a couple of years ago with the offensive juggernaut that the Caps used to be.

The team that scored first in this series won every game.  The first goal was crucial and Brad Richards delivered.  He is a stud.  Brad is now 4-0 in his career in game 7’s.  He is showing why the Rangers showered him with money this past offseason.  He delivers on the big stage in crucial moments.  It doesn’t get much bigger than Broadway in game 7.  He scored on the first shot of the game.  Game over.

The Rangers have now gone to  7 games in both rounds.  No team has ever won the Stanley Cup when they’ve had 2 game 7’s in one playoff.  The thing is…..they are only half way there.

“To me, we’re still in the middle of the process of the New York Rangers trying to become one of the elite teams,” coach John Tortorella said. “For a young group of guys, it’s a tremendous experience. … This is where your legacy’s made, in the playoffs, and so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the next couple weeks here as we go into another phase.”

The Rangers, Devils, Phoenix Coyotes and Los Angeles Kings.

“Four teams,” Richards said. “Everybody plays a solid, hard team game. We feel we have as good a chance as anybody.”

3rd Round

So here we go.  Game 1 in the West is tonight and game 1 in the East is tomorrow night.

Time for predictions.

This years playoffs have not been kind to TTS’ predictions.  But then again a lot of people have not been doing very well.

In the first round I got 50%, in round 2 I got 25% right.  If the Rangers lost last night I would have been at zero!

So here goes.  Based on the first two rounds don’t take my pics to Vegas but…..

I’m going to say in the West – Los Angeles in 6 games.

In the East – I’m going with the Rangers in 7 games.  This is a tough call.  I really think this series can go either way.  The Devils are playing great hockey and I want to pick them, but the Rangers have shown an ability to adapt to their opponent and their style of play.  Plus throw in home ice.

LA vs. NY in the Finals.


Flyers are done, Big Game tonight and Q isn’t going anywhere

9 May

The Devils look good.  The Devils made the Flyers look like what the Flyers did to the Penguins in round 1.  Similar to what Phoenix did to the Blackhawks and Predators.  They didn’t let them play their game.

Sure Ilya Bryzgalov had a costly gaffe but he was not the reason the Flyers lost.  The other Ilya in this series is making me change my opinion of him.  It seems like Kovalchuk finally gets it.  He is playing like a teammate and working with the team system.  I wonder what the magic cure was after a bad game 1 and not playing in game 2 because of injury.  After that, he came back and has played great.  Both offensively and defensively.  Not to mention scoring some timely goals.

I’m starting to think Devils – Kings.  I never would have picked either of these teams at the start of the playoffs but they sure look like the two teams that are playing the best hockey right now.

I used to hate the Devils for their style of play.  Not any more, they are playing some good hockey.  Now the Phoenix Coyotes have taken over the mantle of most brutal to watch style of hockey to play.

Now there are 5 teams left.  Who will the Devils play in the Eastern Conference Finals?

I’m not sure that the Caps are out like some folks are saying.  Yeah that was a tough way to lose a game but Washington has been playing some great hockey.  Probably the best hockey I’ve seen them play in the playoffs in years.

They were only 6 seconds away from victory on the road.  I think they will shake this off as a bad break.  They should remember that they played a great game.  NY caught a break and took advantage of it.

Brad Richards is a gamer.  6 seconds left and he ties it, that’s why NY gave him that monster contract this summer.  He steps up in big games.  Not just that, he has such great vision and brings such intelligence to his position.  His passing is awesome.  Not the actual pass itself but the chances he creates with his passing decisions.

Both teams should preach desperation.  This year in the playoffs the Caps are 3-0 after losing a game in over time.  I’m thinking that the Caps win tonight at home and we get set up for game 7.  Anything can happen in game 7 which is why the Rangers really need to close this out.  The Devils are at home resting and recovering, waiting for their next opponent.  the Rangers already went 7 games in the first round and don’t want this to go to 7.  I think the Caps might have other ideas about that.

Coach Quenneville addressed rumors about him leaving the Blackhawks and heading to Montreal to take over coaching duties there.

Joel Quenneville said Tuesday that, despite speculation, he has no plans to head to the Montreal Canadiens, where friend and former Hawks assistant general manager Marc Bergevin is now the general manager.

“I think over the last few days there was some speculation on other things that were going on about here in Chicago and me being somewhere else, and first and foremost, I’m excited about being here in Chicago,” Quenneville said on a conference call. “I love the opportunity, I love the organization, I love where we’re heading in the future and that’s something I wanted to put to bed right from the outset.”

There have been rumors that Bergevin would find a way to get Quenneville to join him in Montreal. Quenneville’s contract runs through 2013-14, and while he guided the Hawks to the 2009-10 Stanley Cup title, Chicago has been bounced out of the playoffs in the first round the last two years and there was speculation he wasn’t on the same page as Hawks GM Stan Bowman.

“I have two years left on the contract, I’m very happy here, and (leaving is) the last thing I was thinking about,” Quenneville said. “I was happy for (Bergevin) that he got the job in Montreal. I think he’s going to do a great job there. He’s going to give the organization some life, he has some personality. I’m happy for him and wish him all the best, but other than that, that’s kind of where I’m at.”

Quenneville admitted that there was some dysfunction on his coaching staff and a change was needed, resulting in assistant coach Mike Haviland being fired on Tuesday.

Quenneville wouldn’t say who was on his short list to replace Haviland, and wouldn’t comment on the possibility that director of player development Barry Smith, who’s been rumored to be at odds with Quenneville, is a candidate.

“I haven’t put him on my list,” Quenneville said. “I don’t have a list drawn up right now. I want to keep that process confidential and work through it.”

Haviland is on the left of Q in the picture above.  My only thought is why just Mike?  The power play was worse then the penalty kill.  Maybe the other assistant coach will fall soon too?


Triple OT in Washington and Preds Get Back In It

3 May

What a great game.  That was the best playoff game I’ve seen this year.  The definition of playoff hockey.  It almost took two full games.  The game didn’t finish until about a quarter after midnight.  The game in Nashville started an hour and a half after this game but finished an hour earlier.

Brad Richards is clutch.  He pretty much made that whole winning play happen.  Took the puck from Gaborik in the neutral zone, brought it in the offensive zone and created the play.  He saw Girardi and made a bank pass off the boards behind the net.  Girardi then sent it back to Richards behind the net who got it out quick to Gaborik parked in front of the net.  Bang, one timer through the five hole.  Sweet stuff.

Don’t let the 2-1 final score fool you.  This game had tons of action.  45 saves for King Henrik and 47 for Holtby.  There was tons of hitting too, it was almost like a football game.  46 hits for the Rangers and 59 for the Capitals.

Both teams played outstanding.  It was a real battle.  In the end, it seemed like the Rangers wanted it more.  They controlled the boards more and created better scoring opportunities.

It was the third-longest game in Capitals history and the fifth-longest for the Rangers.

The Rangers had lost 6 consecutive postseason over time games before this.  All of those games had King Henrik in net.

Visiting teams are 13-6 in overtime this postseason.

I really wanted to watch the Nashville – Phoenix game but couldn’t tear myself away from the game in D.C.  But…there was a game.  a 2-0 SHUTOUT!  That’s more like it.  The Preds are back in this with a much better effort.  They got out to a two goal lead and played Predators hockey the rest of the way.

Now what do they do?  The Predators suspended Radulov and Kostitsyn for violating team curfew.  Nashville won the game without the dancing bears.

Since they won the game without them, do you fix what isn’t broke?  Personally I sit them for game 4.  Leave them hungry on the bench for when you really need them.


Yotes win in OT again

28 Apr

They had 1 shot in the third period.  1 shot!  Just trying to induce a coma like state in the building.  Didn’t work, Nashville was able to tie it up.  Just like the Hawks would.  But, in OT the Coyotes jumped on a puck off a face off and put it in.  Just like against the Hawks.  Very frustrating.

What do the Coyotes call their system?  Ambien?

There allegedly was some action in the first two periods but I was playing hockey and didn’t watch.  I got in front of a tv for the third period and OT.  Nashville was dominant and carried most of the play.  Just like the Hawks.

No one, other then the 10 fans in Phoenix, want to see this team win.  Yeah the building is full right now but that’s nothing more then bandwagon fans.  Where are they during the regular season?  No where near the Coyotes!

It’s sad and pathetic.

The more concerning issue is that the NHL is a copycat league.  If this team succeeds then other teams will copy this formula.  Just like before the lockout when the New Jersey Devils almost killed off hockey.  Now we have the Coyotes.  That’s the NHL owned Coyotes since NO ONE wants to buy this stupid team.

Since we are headed for another lockout, maybe the league can bring forth a slew of new rules preventing teams from playing like this.  At least for a few years until coaches figure out how to kill off any entertainment from watching hockey.

At least the Rangers, Capitals and Flyers still play hockey.


….and now it’s all over

24 Apr

I can’t help but think of the end of the movie Goodfellas, when Ray Liotta utters those words.  “and now it’s all over”  He wants spaghetti and marinara sauce but now all he can get is ramen noodles and ketchup.

It is over.  Not just the season but this team.  Last year they had an excuse, the gutting of a championship roster due to the salary cap.  But not this year.  This year they don’t have that excuse.

A friend of mine called me this morning and said “ok, who do you blame?”  I said…..Stan Bowman.

None of the Hawks issues were ever addressed.  The Hawks have a roster that has too many small skilled players.  All the skilled puck possession teams in the Western Conference (Detroit, Vancouver and Chicago) are all reserving tee times and not travel plans for the 2nd round.

The Hawks need a 2nd line center.  We knew this before the season began, we knew this during the season and we certainly knew it at the trade deadline.

Then there is the goalie situation.

The Hawks have Crawford signed for 3 more years.  They also extended Ray Emery for 2 more years on the last day of the regular season.  Let’s also not forget Cristobal Huet.  That’s right folks.  He is on the books for next year as well at $ 5,625,000.  Yeah that’s right.  As bad of a need that there is, I’m guessing that the Hawks will not fix that problem.  Not until after Huet comes off the books.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.  There won’t even be hockey next year.  Donald Fehr has hypnotized the players association into believing that the millions they make is not enough.  There will be a lockout.

Whenever the lockout ends the Hawks will need to put together a roster.  Bigger more physical players, a goalie that can win a game for you here and there (and not let in super soft weak goals in the playoffs) and a legitimate 2nd line center.

Last night during the telecast Pat Foley asked Eddie Olcyk how many top 6 forwards the Hawks have.  Both agreed that they have 4, 3 without Hossa.

During Quenneville’s post game a reporter asked him if he can give an update on Hossa now that the playoffs are over.  He said he’s not doing well and hopefully he starts recovering.  That’s not good is it?  I wonder how serious this is.  What if he can’t play next year?  What if his career is over?  I hear it’s a combination of whiplash and a severe concussion.  Possibly a broken jaw too.

Mike Smith stole that game last night.  The Hawks completely dominated the first 40 minutes.  Well except for that power play goal.  6 shots on goal and Crawford let’s one in.  I’m pretty sure Mike Smith wouldn’t have let that one in….nor the other 3 crow let in during the 3rd period.  Smith stood on his head and made 39 saves.  Crawford faced 20 shots and let in 4.  I can’t remember ever seeing a save percentage that low in a playoff game.  There probably has been but not since I’ve been watching hockey.

Yeah the Hayes penalty was bad and poorly timed but I don’t blame the kid.  I think our kids were some of our best players.  Bickell, Frolik, our boy Shaw and Leddy.  The Hayes line was probably the best line the Hawks had in that game.  Toews played pretty well but didn’t have an impact.  They only time I knew Patrick Sharp was playing was when he was giving out body checks.  He led the Hawks in hits.  That’s a pretty telling statement right there isn’t it?  Why is our leading scorer the only guy hitting people out there?  Goes back to not having enough physical players.  Hawks sure could use Andrew Ladd couldn’t they?

What did Kane do to get a 10 minute misconduct in the final minutes?  I haven’t seen anything about that yet.  If you know, let me know.

I heard from a friend in Canada that the TV announcers commended Kane for coming out for the team handshake after the game.  They said that it’s easy for a player who has been kicked out of a game where his team was eliminated to not come back out of the locker room.   Kane did and that was a class act.

So next year there won’t be any hockey and the year after that….the Hawks will probably look pretty similar to this one.  A good team, a sometimes dangerous team….but not an elite team.  Enjoy the next 49 years folks.  Go have a beer with a cubs fan. That guy has got it worse then you do.

Who to root for now?  Obviously it’s Let’s go Predators.  Take these a**holes out.  Quick too, like a sweep so Torres can sit for plenty of games next year.  Let him get hit in the wallet, since he doesn’t feel that pain in postseason suspensions.

I’m also going to root for the Blackhawks south…aka the Florida Panthers.

Gee you know that GM in Florida has put together a pretty good squad.  Lot’s of character guys who know how to win.  Why cant the Hawks have a GM like that?  Oh yeah, they did but John McDonough ran him out-of-town.  He got too much credit for putting together a championship squad.  Now we have son of Bowman.  A guy who has given us a team that is too soft and has gone out of the playoffs in the first round in consecutive years.  Good times.

I’m too depressed to write anymore.  I’ll write more later.

Per TTS policy when the Blackhawks play so poorly that they don’t deserve to get their pictures up on this site then hot chicks go up instead.  Losing 4-0 at home in an elimination game fits that description.  We’ve had blondes and brunettes but no red heads.  Not until now.  Enjoy.