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Hawks Keep Rolling

18 Feb

Yes it got a little frantic at the end of the game but the Hawks held on to win the game and remain unbeaten in regulation.

The Blackhawks (12-0-3) matched the 1984-85 Edmonton Oilers for the league’s second-longest streak, and are one away from the tying the mark set by Anaheim in 2006-07.

Who do they play next? The much hated Vancouver Canucks. What a time for those jerk-stores to come to town. Could it get any better then beating them? Of course I’m sure they are saying something similar about being the team to beat the Hawks and keep them from making history. Should be a fun one.


The Hawks got a good start and an early lead on the defending Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings. Up 3-0 and that was enough. Nice to see Sharp get a goal. He went nearly a month between tallies. He was still productive and was racking up the assists but goal scorers like to get goals. Imagine if that guy heats up.

Ray Emery was solid all night. Looking like a legit number 1 goalie instead of a number 2 or a guy on his last legs….or last hip in his case.

The 2 goals that the Kings scored were power play goals that Ray Emery was screened on. Full marks to the Kings. The earned those goals and grabbed momentum off of them. Hey Blackhawks did you hear that? The Kings scored power play goals by having a man in front screening the goalie. It’s not rocket science guys.


”What’s important to us is getting home-ice advantage, making the playoffs,” Toews said. ”Those are our goals. Once you get there, the real season starts. When you get to that point, no one really cares or remembers those streaks at the start of the season.”

”I thought we had a great first 40 minutes and they got some momentum off their power-play goal early in the third,” Chicago coach Joel Quenneville said. ”They had a great third period. We had 40, they had a great 20, and the clock ran out, which was nice.”

”We probably didn’t play well enough to win this game,” Richards said. ”The slow start kind of cost us. We gave them a lot in the first period with penalties and some turnovers and they scored some goals, which put us behind the 8-ball pretty quick.”

Before the game, Quenneville said Crawford was ”progressing” and is day-to-day. When asked if Crawford’s condition might be long-term, Quenneville replied, ”I don’t foresee that yet.” Crawford – who has a 7-0-3 record, 1.65 goals-against average and .935 save percentage – has not skated since sustaining his injury, apparently in a 3-2 shootout loss to Anaheim last Tuesday. It’s alleged that Bobby Ryan injured Crawford when he ran into him in that game. With no penalty called for some weird reason.



Back to Back Shootout Losses

2 Feb


That picture pretty much sums it up.

Crawford played good. Not good enough to win. How confident are you in him when the hawks go to a shoot out? Yeah I’m not very confident either. For his career he is batting .500
Not bad, but not great. Not great as in he can win a game for you. You play well enough in front of him he will keep you in but he did not match Roberto LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUongo last night.

I am probably in the minority here but I don’t think Luongo is a bad goalie or a choke artist. Usually when things blow up in a hawks – canucks game it’s the team in front of him that’s letting him down. Not the other way around. But he’s in net and that’s who people blame. Interesting story unfolding here as the Canucks have him on the trade block but the team is playing better in front of him rather then in front of Schneider.

It was a good game last night against the Canucks but it didn’t really feel like a full blown rivalry game. Just two good teams playing hockey. I suspect the rivalry only exists in the fans minds now.

At least the Hawks took a point out of their building which is always a tough place to play. The Hawks were down and could not solve Lou he played very well. Then a great play happened. Andrew Shaw appeared to fill in for Dave Bolland who went out with what appears to be a right knee injury, and he filled in quite well. Grabbed the puck in the corner off a turnover and fed the puck to Patrick Kane in front of the net in the third period to salvage a point.

I don’t have a problem with going for Nick Leddy as the 4th shooter in the shootout. Apparently he does really well in practice. Other then Kane and Toews, no hawk has a good shoot out percentage. Sharp is only shooting at like 20% career wise. They never use Hossa. He must never score in practice.

Oh well, the Hawks still don’t have a regulation loss and now they go to another tough building in Calgary. The saddledome will be clad in red tonight. Should be a good battle. Hopefully the Hawks come away with 2 orat least 1.

Since back to back shootout losses don’t leave you with a good feeling I’ll leave you with this.



Hockeys Back Baby!!!

21 Jan

Hockey is Back!!!


and boy does she look good.

I heard from plenty of fans who swore off hockey and insisted that they would never be back.  Could have fooled me.  Saturday night, the first night of games for the league, showed the rinks housing NHL teams at 97% attendance.  Even teams in the south, Dallas, Florida, Tampa Etc. had full houses.  I guess the owners and players know their audience.  We are all junkies that need another fix.

Also back is fantasy hockey.


I know none of the guys in my fantasy league had any issue with the lockout. They couldn’t wait to get it going. They just wanted it over and to have hockey back. I’ve heard similar stories from other guys in fantasy leagues.

My beloved Blackhawks are off to a 2-0 start. Nice work boys, 2 down and 46 to go. Also nice was getting some revenge on the Coyotes or as I call them the new new jersey devils. On another pleasant note the Canucks are 0-1-1. That’s just lovely. Even better, they pulled Schneider and put in Luongo. How’s that too high asking price working out for you now? Probably should have traded him in the offseason.
If they did would Burke still have a job with the Leafs?



I know these pictures don’t necessarily have anything to do with hockey other then hockey is BACK and these are the backsides of some lovely ladies.

So hockey is back and so is TTS. I’ll try to get back to my regular blogging schedule. Where was I during the lockout? I was here. I didn’t see the sense in blogging about a bunch of idiots. I might have been the one hockey fan out there that doesn’t just solely blame this on Bettman. I know a lot of you hold him and only him personally responsible. Me? No I blame this on the owners, you know…the 30 bosses telling Bettman what to do, and the players. The players get a big part of the blame. Why? First off: hiring Donald Fehr. Are you F***ing kidding me? That’s why this took so long. The deal was done and accepted in the summer. We had to miss this much time because Fehr wanted to squeeze a few more sheckels out of the owners. The whole time giving a huge middle finger to the fans. Then I hear the players come out and say it’s good to be back to show the fans that we care. Are you kidding me? You care? If you cared about hockey instead of the almighty dollar then you never would have hired D Fehr. The biggest joke of the whole thing is that the union was fighting for contracts that the majority of players would never see (the 12 or 15 year joke of a contract with a few pennies in the final years to bring down the cap hit for a team). Or the famous refrain…..we are fighting for the next generation of fans. That’s not how sports unions work. The F*** the guy that’s not even there yet. That’s how it works.
I digress. I said I wasn’t going to do that and here I go on a rant. Let’s just go back to enjoying the sport we love so much and I’ll throw in some pictures of hot chicks since you guys seem to like it so much. At least according to the hits I receive when I do place some pics of some ladies.

So hockey is back and I’m happy. See you here in this space as the season goes along.




Baby Hawks vs Baby Canucks

15 Oct

So there is no NHL due to the Lockout.  What’s a hockey junkie to do?  Find some other hockey to watch.  In Chicago we have an AHL team called the Chicago Wolves.  They opened up their season on Saturday night against the Rockford Ice Hogs, which is the affiliate team for the Chicago Blackhawks.

I got to the game about 20 minutes before puck drop.  I bought a ticket, in row F for only $ 20.50.  That’s it.  No extra fees of any kind.  Try doing that at your local NHL game.  Oh yeah you can’t.

14,505 people had the same idea as I did.  That’s a healthy crowd for an AHL game.  That’s a healthy crowd for an NHL game in some markets.  I don’t know what the attendance is for AHL games in Canada but I bet 14,505 wouldn’t look bad at all.  We love our hockey here in Chicago.

Some notable attendees of the game were Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz, Coach Joel Quenneville, GM Stan Bowman and his dad the legendary Scotty Bowman.  As I was walking through the hallway to get to my seat I almost bumped into Alain Vigneault.  It was after all the baby Canucks.  I was like should I say hi or punch him in the face?

Speaking of that, the Canucks affiliation, that transition happened last year.  The Wolves used to be the farm team for the Atlanta Thrashers.  When the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg the new owners already owned an AHL team.  The Mannitoba Moose.  They wanted that team to be their affiliate.  Can’t blame them.  The Moose were the farm team for the Canucks.  So that left the Canucks without an AHL team and the Wolves without an NHL team.  So it pretty much had to happen.

Now we all now about the rivalry between the Blackhawks and the Canucks so this just adds spice to the mix.  The Canucks farm team is now in Chicago.  How’s that for good times?  So the Wolves and Ice Hogs have that going for them.  However there was already quite a rivalry building here.  They play in the same division.  The AHL keeps travel costs down with an in division heavy schedule.  These teams see each other often.  That builds bad blood in hockey.  They are also in the same state.  How many times have we seen that?  Ever see a Flyers – Penguins game?  Rangers – Islanders?  Oilers – Flames?  You get the idea.  So two teams that had a brewing rivalry now gets to add a sprinkle of the two big clubs rivalry.  Good times!

So what kind of amazing game for the ages was it?  Not too exciting.  0-0 that went into a shoot out which the wolves won.

There was plenty of  players who put on the indianhead.  Leddy, Olsen, Pirri, Morin, Smith, Kruger and TTS favorite Andrew Shaw to name a few.

One fun moment was when they had the kiss cam on.  It went through the crowd and it was good fun.  Better fun when they put the kiss cam on 2 Ice Hogs.  It was Bollig and someone else.  Bollig sees himself on the big screen kiss cam, grabs the player next to him and plants a big old kiss on his face.  The crowd went nuts for that.

Both goaltenders were the real stars of this game.  Both were great.  Andrew Luck starred for the Wolves and won the game.  He is from a Chicago suburb and reports are that he will back up Schneider if and when the Canucks can ever trade Louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

The Ice Hogs goalie was Hutton who looked pretty good himself.  He got called up late last year when Emery was hurt.  He didn’t get in a game but looked good in this one.  Maybe that’s why Stan Bowman never went out and got a goalie?  Maybe they think they got this guy waiting in the wings for whenever NHL gets back on the ice.  In the mean time I’ll keep watching AHL.

Reminds me of that one Simpsons episode, the one where Maude Flanders dies.  Right before that they are giving out shirts.  Who wants a T Shirt?  I do I do I do.  Wait a minute…..no I don’t.


Vancouver is Out!!!

23 Apr

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey….Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How’s that Presidents Cup Trophy working out for ya?

Congratulations on not burning your city to the ground.  Canucks fans have really grown up.

What is Vancouver going to do now?  How can they blame this all on Luongo?  That’s what they usually do.  Problem is you didn’t let him play in games 3, 4 or 5.  Now who are you going to blame it on?  The gutless character of the team?  The whining, the crying, the diving, the soft players, the cheap dirty plays?  Which excuse will they use?  They’ll probably still blame it on Luongo.  I hope they do, so they will continue to choke in the post season with their built in excuse.

Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Playoffs are under way

12 Apr

and they didn’t disappoint.

Philly down 3-0 on the road in Pittsburgh roared back and won the game in over time 4-3.  Just fantastic.  Sure the refs missed the Briere offsides and that goal shouldn’t have counted.  They missed it.  They might have missed more than that.  Who would have thought this game would be the one called with the least amount of penalties?  Just 4 for the game.

La vs. the dirty cheaters had 13 penalties called and the 2 least penalized teams in the league had 17.  Yep, 17 penalties for the Predators and Red Wings.  No one saw that coming.  If you did then you should be in Vegas right now betting your house.

How about Shea Webers hit to Zetterberg?  No suspension.  Just a $2,500 fine.  That’s pocket change for a guy with that salary.  How does that send any message?  It doesn’t!  So the NHL is saying, guys if you want to grab somebody by the back of the head and slam him face first into the glass…in a fit of rage…that’s perfectly acceptable to us.  wtf?  Why did they give Duncan Keith a 5 game suspension?  That’s the NHL for you.  The NO Sense at all league.

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this blog I heard NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on NHL Live and $ 2,500 is the most they can fine a player in this situation according to the C.B.A. (Collective Bargaining Agreement) between the NHL and the Players Association

As a Blackhawks fan I couldn’t have been any happier that the Kings took game 1.  The announcers said that for the last 8 series for the Canucks they won game 1.  Not this time.  I’d love to see those dirty cheaters go down.  The first goal, scored by the leagues biggest piece of sh**, Alex Burrows, was scored because the traitor Kessler interfered with the goalie.  The biggest crybabies in the league then had their own Byron Bitz take a cheap shot on Kyle Clifford and received a major penalty.  It’s fine when they do it to other teams but if someone looks at the Canucks funny then they call a press conference to cry and whine.  I HATE that team.  If you watched the game on NBC then you saw Mike Milbury show a replay of Kevin Bieksa, another P.O.S., get out-of-the-way when former Canuck Willie Mitchell blasted a slap shot from the blue line.  The Kings scored on the play.  Way to be a teammate Bieksa.  He looked like a 5 year old girl out there.

In Hawks news, Johnathan Toews practiced again symptom free.  Looks like he’s playing tonight!


Hawks get their butts kicked by Predators

26 Mar

Not much to write about.  The team didn’t look good.  I could say that going 0-4 on the power play was the down fall.  True, it did kill any chance of turning around the momentum.  Worse is the fact that they didn’t generate a single shot on goal during those man advantages.

But it’s more than that.  The team didn’t look good at all.  They looked like they did when they went on their 9 game losing streak.  There was nothing.  It was dead.  No life in the team at all.  Sure missing Toews and Keith is a big blow but I think it’s more than that.

Hopefully it’s just having so many days off after such an emotional battle against the evil empire…aka the Vancouver Canucks.  Too much time off and then you have to play without Keith, a stud defenceman who leads the team in ice time.  Let’s just write this one off and expect a better effort on Tuesday when they travel to Newark to face the Devils.

You guys know the rules, per TTS policy when the Blackhawks play so poorly that no one deserves to get their picture up then hot chicks go up instead.  Enjoy.

Notes: Former Blackhawks G Ed Belfour was honored by the team. He spent parts of eight seasons with Chicago during a 20-year NHL career and had a Blackhawks’ franchise-record 43 wins in 1990-91, his first full NHL season. His play helped the Blackhawks make the Stanley Cup finals in 1992. He also played for San Jose, Dallas, Toronto and Florida and was inducted into the Hall of Fame last November. He finished with a 484-320-125 record. … The Preds’ Jordin Tootoo, who was involved in a fight with Chicago’s Brandon Bollig early in the game, didn’t return after the altercation in which he was knocked to the ice. He was said to have an upper-body injury.  Bollig kicked his butt!